Is there a way to remove or change a genre from the pull down?

Hello. Searched the forums but could not find an answer. Is there a way to change MP3Tag so I only see the genres in the pull down list I want to see? Also, is there a way I can add to the pull down list my own genres? Thanks in advance.

Adding genres is easy (you just type them in Tools tab/Options/Genres). In the same place, you find the option (check box) of displaying only the user-defined genres, so if the ones you use are not too many, you can type your predefined list, check the box and you're done.

(I use the programme in Italian though, so I hope the specified path is right or at least understandable)

Prozio, Thank you. Very helpful. I just stumbled on that a minute before your reply. Still, much appreciated is your reply.

I wish the write of my user defined tag would also write to ID3v1. Oh well. If you know of way to make that happen, please let me know.

You are very welcome. Unfortunately, I'm afraid I'm not that familiar with ID3v1 issues, I'm sorry.

No, v1 tag genres are predefined or defined in the standard and cannot be modified.
If you want to apply user-defined genres you have to switch to V2 type tags.

Genres are stored in ID3v1 tags as a numeric value, so they can only be from a predefined list. See link: