Is there a way to show Director or Writer for mp4 in windows explorer?

I've never moved on to ID3v2.4 so that's not the issue...

Director field in mp3tag does not seem to match Directors field in windows explorer. Not sure why... rather disappointing that they both have this type of field available but unusable/incompatible out of the box.

What field in mp3tag corresponds to Writers field in explorer? Is there one? Not keen on using composer, the writer didn't compose any music, the composer did.

Maybe there's a list of fields that actually show up in explorer?

Maybe I'm using the wrong program for organizing videos...

You can fill the most obvious tags in your windows file explorer with values to recognize the tag name.
If you see "composer" in windows file explorer, you could fill it with "MyComposer" as test data.

Then you can load this mp4 file Mp3tag, press ALT + T and check which tags you can see in Mp3tag. After you change your visible values to something like "MyComposerMp3tag" and save it with CTRL + S you can see back in windows file explorer, what you can use in both programs.

Unfortunately this isn’t as simple as filling in a traditional field in metadata. For movies and TV Shows, there are an entirely new set of fields that were not part of the original MP4 spec. These are all buried into a single field ITUNMOVI and layered into an xml file. For example, I added “test director” “test writer” and “metax producer” using two different programs, yet you can see they are all built into this xml data under that tag field in mp3tag.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
<plist version="1.0">
			<string>test director</string>
			<string>metax producer</string>
			<string>test writer</string>

Short answer is it isn’t really feasible for these fields to use mp3tag at this time.

So with mp3tag I'm limited to these five text fields?

With windows file properties I get 15 more fields but mp3tag just can't read them?

So, is there a program out there that allows one to edit file properties with ease, or am I stuck doing it all by hand, one at a time?

Not at all. See this page in the help for details on the standard field mappings available.

See near the bottom of that page where there are some very specific fields unique to the mp4 format. While mp3tag is first and foremost a music tag editor, it certainly can do much of the heavy lifting for some video formats as well. But some fields like the ones you asked about initially fall outside of the scope of these standards.

The documentation lies, top of the mp4 section has director which is what I asked about and it doesn't work. (maybe it should be removed? or fixed?)

All but the aforementioned 5 of mp3tag's text field tags do not show in explorer.
I filled a mp4 with every text field available in mp3tag and have every column enabled in explorer... The results are quite apparent. (yes I did refresh, even restarted)

Is the information being saved to file, likely, but what good does that do me when my operating system can't see it? And vice-verse... mp3tag doesn't recognize the properties that can be changed with windows.

Maybe you have a look at this topics:


The documentation shows that in mp3tag the DIRECTOR field is mapped to ©dir as per the actual spec for MP4. But some programs like iTunes and for whatever reason the Windows OS are using the xml version I mentioned earlier. I assume this provides more flexibility than the standard, as there can be multiple name for the writers, actors, directors, and producers using this method.

@Florian are there plans to add support for these enhanced fields within MP4 video metadata at some point? There are a few threads that all circle back to this.

Forgive my frustrations... I did not realize it was such an impossible task.

I tried about 20 programs last night and only one of them could achieve any result, 'PropertySystemView' but it's just as awkward as the file properties details tab, if not more so... might be helpful for someone else though.

I thank you both for attempting to explain it to me... though It would have saved some time if you just said, "It's not possible at this time." I coulda' spent the next 6+ hours just doing it all by hand instead of trying to find some other way to get it done.

Hopefully the next person trying to achieve such will read this and just put in the time with the file properties window...

That tag works fine, just not the way you were hoping. I use it frequently with M4a files to hold the music director or band leader name when the band name does not include that person. For example, I can use Tag to File Name to place the music director name in brackets, but only when present. This mask:

artist%[ '['%director%']'] (%year%) %title%

gives file names like:

Brooklyn Broadcasters [Jay Wilbur] (1929) Wake Up, Chillun.m4a

And because this file name contains the director name, it does indeed appear in Explorer and the name can be searched for using Windows search.

The problem is more focused on the use in video files. There is a paid for app that does write all of these xml details for you, try MetaX to see if it works for your use case. I can’t recall if there is a trial, or the cost. I have had it for years.

I had a similar question last year as well. I wasn't aware of "Property System View v1.18 by NirSofer" until you mentioned it. Therefore, thank you. Nevertheless, by modifying a VBS Script .MTE template, written for me in January 2022, by @Ryerman, I managed to fulfill your request, as well as mine. To be quite honest, @ryerman should receive all the praises and thanks because that single .MTE (aka an mp3tag EXPORT file) from him, gave me the opportunity to employ multiple programs with Mp3Tag. I attached a zip file that contains the original script by ryerman for mkvpropedit.exe, my MODIFIED version of his original script for "Property System View v1.18 by NirSofer", and both architectures (32 & 64-bit) of Property System View v1.18 by NirSofer.

INSTRUCTIONS and Key lines:
From my modified version of his Original script (.MTE), Change Line 10 (aka providing the application path for "Property System View v1.18 by NirSofer"). Line 28 includes ALL the fields (in command line fashion), listed below, that Mp3Tag is UNABLE to fulfill via GUI, but thankfully, the program provides other methods to accomplish the task at hand, which is where NirSofer fulfills that void. Keep in mind that the .MTE file must be placed inside this folder "%AppData%\Mp3tag\export". If you wish to change the fields to your own liking, for example, from %director% to %nirsofer_director%, it will work as well. Feel free to browse the Mp3Tag's mapping guide Mp3Tag's mapping guide. Moreover, I had to customize a field for "〈〈18〉〉" because it wasn't available in the mapping guide, and for some reason, "Copyright" field won't work on NirSofer.

ALL 18 Fields (Commandline, found in Line 28):
/SetProperty "%_path%" "System.Media.SubTitle" "%subtitle%" /SetProperty "%_path%" "System.Rating" "%rating wmp%" /SetProperty "%_path%" "System.Keywords" "%podcastcategory%" /SetProperty "%_path%" "System.Video.Director" "%director%" /SetProperty "%_path%" "System.Media.Producer" "%producer%" /SetProperty "%_path%" "System.Media.Writer" "%written_by%" /SetProperty "%_path%" "System.Media.Publisher" "%publisher%" /SetProperty "%_path%" "System.Media.ContentDistributor" "%contentgroup%" /SetProperty "%_path%" "System.Media.DateEncoded" "%creation_time%" /SetProperty "%_path%" "System.Media.EncodedBy" "%encodedby%" /SetProperty "%_path%" "System.Media.AuthorUrl" "%wwwartist%" /SetProperty "%_path%" "System.Media.PromotionUrl" "%wwwcommercialinfo%" /SetProperty "%_path%" "System.ParentalRating" "%itunextc%" /SetProperty "%_path%" "System.Music.Conductor" "%conductor%" /SetProperty "%_path%" "System.Music.Period" "%period%" /SetProperty "%_path%" "System.Music.Mood" "%mood%" /SetProperty "%_path%" "System.Music.InitialKey" "%initialKey%" /SetProperty "%_path%" "System.Music.ContentGroupDescription" "%m4a.ContentGroup%"

〈〈1〉〉 ➜ /SetProperty "%_path%" "System.Media.SubTitle" "%subtitle%" ➤➤➤ "SUBTITLE" field in Windows File Explorer Properties
〈〈2〉〉 ➜ /SetProperty "%_path%" "System.Rating" "%rating wmp%" ➤➤➤ "RATING" field in "". 1 = 1 Star ║ 25 = 2 Stars ║ 50 = 3 Stars ║ 75 = 4 Stars ║ 99 = 5 Stars
〈〈3〉〉 ➜ /SetProperty "%_path%" "System.Keywords" "%podcastcategory%" ➤➤➤ "TAGS" field in ""
〈〈4〉〉 ➜ /SetProperty "%_path%" "System.Video.Director" "%director%" ➤➤➤ "DIRECTORS" field in ""
〈〈5〉〉 ➜ /SetProperty "%_path%" "System.Media.Producer" "%producer%" ➤➤➤ "PRODUCERS" field in ""
〈〈6〉〉 ➜ /SetProperty "%_path%" "System.Media.Writer" "%written_by%" ➤➤➤ "WRITERS" field in ""
〈〈7〉〉 ➜ /SetProperty "%_path%" "System.Media.Publisher" "%publisher%" ➤➤➤ "PUBLISHER" field in ""
〈〈8〉〉 ➜ /SetProperty "%_path%" "System.Media.ContentDistributor" "%contentgroup%" ➤➤➤ "CONTENT PROVIDER" field in ""
〈〈9〉〉 ➜ /SetProperty "%_path%" "System.Media.DateEncoded" "%creation_time%" ➤➤➤ "MEDIA CREATED" field in "". Format for entry is YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss, YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ, or YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss+/-00:00
〈〈10〉〉 ➜ /SetProperty "%_path%" "System.Media.EncodedBy" "%encodedby%" ➤➤➤ "ENCODED BY" field in ""
〈〈11〉〉 ➜ /SetProperty "%_path%" "System.Media.AuthorUrl" "%wwwartist%" ➤➤➤ "AUTHOR URL" field in ""
〈〈12〉〉 ➜ /SetProperty "%_path%" "System.Media.PromotionUrl" "%wwwcommercialinfo%" ➤➤➤ "PROMOTION URL" field in ""
〈〈13〉〉 ➜ /SetProperty "%_path%" "System.ParentalRating" "%itunextc%" ➤➤➤ "PARENTAL RATING" field in ""
〈〈14〉〉 ➜ /SetProperty "%_path%" "System.Music.Conductor" "%conductor%" ➤➤➤ "CONDUCTORS" field in ""
〈〈15〉〉 ➜ /SetProperty "%_path%" "System.Music.Period" "%period%" ➤➤➤ "PERIOD" field in ""
〈〈16〉〉 ➜ /SetProperty "%_path%" "System.Music.Mood" "%mood%" ➤➤➤ "MOOD" field in ""
〈〈17〉〉 ➜ /SetProperty "%_path%" "System.Music.InitialKey" "%initialKey%" ➤➤➤ "INITIAL KEY" field in ""
〈〈18〉〉 ➜ /SetProperty "%_path%" "System.Music.ContentGroupDescription" "%m4a.ContentGroup%" ➤➤➤ "GROUP DESCRIPTION" field in "". ONLY for .M4A

MODIFIED template VBS Script_ NirSofer's Property System View (MP4 & M4A), ADD 18 Tags into Windows File Explorer Properties (06-25-2022).zip (168.1 KB)