Is there a way to sort/filter by number of fields of the same type?

Essentially, I'd like a way to sort a column in order from most to least, based upon the number of fields a file has of the same name/type. Is this possible?

For example: %artist% fields of three files:

  1. Aaa\\Bbb\\Ccc,
  2. Ddd\\Eee, then
  3. Fff.

Also, is there a filter string that I could use to do something similar? E.g. num_of_artist_fields > 1. Ideally this would work in foobar2000 too. The goal is to find tags that I've split into multiple fields when I'd really like them to be in a single field instead (I can't blindly merge them all as some of these tags should remain split into multiple fields)

I'd be happy if either worked as I'm really only looking for a way to review files with multiple fields of a given type.


"$meta(artist,1)" PRESENT
should show all files where there is more than one field of the type ARTIST.

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That's gonna help a lot, thanks!