Is there an easy way to filter files with particular tag values

Hare Krishna.

Some more help needed. This forum is very helpful for me and I thank you all.

In the 5000 mp3 files I have, Almost every file has a unique subtitle code value. Now I have a list of 560 subtitles for which I want to set genre to "Other".

I worked with excel and generated formula like
%subtitle% IS 219a OR %subtitle% IS 320 OR %subtitle% IS 673k OR %sub........>>> so onnn..
Putting this in filter it worked.

Is there an easier way? Note: I already have a list of values of subtitles I want to display, generated from excel VB script to text file.

damodara das

An cannot guess how this should go "onnn".
So I cannot tell if there is a better way to define the filter.
If each file is more or less an individual case, you have to treat it individually.

The question is, how often do you have to do this task?
If it is only a one-time effort, then do it as it works now.

Otherwise try to import data from text file.
For example see this thread ...

There might be other examples buried here in the forum.