Is there another field like "Genre" with user add possibilities

Is there any possibility to have a field like the "Genre" one, that has a user-defined file, able to insert extra options (genres/styles) to choose from?

My thing is: I'm using field "Comments" as Country (believe that doesn't exist in ID3v2 tag...), and would like to have the option to choose from a user-defined list... like the Genre field can do!

Any chance! Is it already there, in the program and I didnd't see?

Can anyone help, please!?
Ricardo Freitas

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No, there (currently) is not.
See e.g. this thread:

(which means that this idea is not new)

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Thank you @ohrenkino for your reply! Sad though... :disappointed_relieved:

Such a good idea to implement!... Hope @Florian will think of it some day!

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The usual advice for a workaround is to create a number of actions of the type "Format value" that set the data for the specified field(s).
Such an action has the advantage that you can set several fields with just one call of an action.
The genre field is special as for this the standard defines the values.

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Think I've got it... And already tried! But that seems to request a "string" for each action, right? That would mean that my 80+ countries would need 80+ actions! Or am I wrong?
No possibility of a drop down list being able to choose a name... :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Guess not, that would be to much!
Anyway, that suggestion was very nice, it'll serve me in another situation. Thank you again! :grinning:

If you do not know this already, I would like to draw your attention to this thread:

it show you how to create a "sort of" drop-down list in the shape of a submenu.

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Do you mean something like this... ? Using something like this as "Actions"???
Image2 Image4

Still it'll be 80+ Actions... but it'll work!!! :grinning:

If you really have tracks from more than 80 countries - I think that the main benefit with actions is that you shortcut repetitive (or error-prone) manipulations.
So I would think that a list of countries that you use most would help you best.
All the other countries, those that appear only very few times, could still be entered manually.


Yes! Your last comment is EXACTLY what is was thinking!!! (And yes I have a "small" eclectic playlist, up till now with 8100+ tracks from 79 different countries!). I can do the top 20 or so with Notepad+ in a minute or two!

One of the tracks is from a band called Bliss, which I'm listening now, and it's called "Long life to you my friend"... Entirely what I'm wishing you at this moment!!!

A plain THANK YOU is not enough @ohrenkino !

Best regards!
Ricardo Freitas