Is this how opening and saving files work?


I have some mp3 files that are read incorrectly by players and would like to verify if this is how MP3Tag works.

If I open the mp3 file in MP3Tag and immediately save it, does it:

  1. Read the ticked version tags data found
  2. Remove the ticked version tags data found
  3. Save same data found, in the ticked version tags

Is this correct? If so, then I can assume that it will just take the pre-existing version tags and save it to the set versions??

Have you tried it?
If you think that the players' behaviour has to do with the tags: have you verified which tag versions your players understand? Have you checked which tag versions are present in the files?

Also, I would check the files for integrity and see if you have unknown streams or stacked tags.
And it could also be that your players insist on the information they gather from the internet.