It's the album name I don't have

I know the song's name and its author and singer. It's the album it's from is what I do not know. How can I change the cover art search from ALBUM to the song name and singer or author so I can find the album name and the cover art that belongs with that song? As it is now, I can't perform the cover art search if I don't know the album. There should be an option in the cover art search box to check off with what info you have.

Windows media player automatically finds one and applies it even if it's the wrong one.

Do you want to find just a cover and don't care if it's the right one?

A song may be on many different albums, especially if it is a very popular and wll known song.
Without knowing the album it is not possible to find the right cover.

So naturally all cover serach programs or scripts look for the album.

A similar problem has been raised in this thread:
Search Tag Source by Artist and Title

There are times I know the album but can't find it through the usual album search. The search in Amazon won't find it but I can go to the amazon site and manually enter the details and find the cover I am searching for. I was wishing I could enter in the info and have mp3tag find it.

AFAIK is it possible to modify the search term in in the dialogue that is opened prior to the search.

Also, if you see that the album name in the tag does not match the representation at the search site, it should be possible to enter the correct album name in the tag and then start the search.

In general, I think that the old rule of GIGO (garbage in, garbage out) applies.