itunes and filename

Appreciate some help to impact on the file names for iTunes

Currently i have situations like this: – Artist is Rachmaninov, Album is Russian Album, Album Artist is Anna Netrebko.

The file is:
Music\Anna Netrebko\Russian Album\02 Song of Wonder.

How can i do a bulk change so file is:

Music\Rachmaninov\Russian Album\02 Song of Wonder ?

In short, it seems that file names are using Album Artist instead of Artist.


Use CONVERT > tag to filename. Mask should be:

.\%artist%\%album%$num(%track%,2) %title%

Play with this a bit. Not sure you need the leading "."

edit: actually probably works with following since you are leaving under \music:

%artist%\%album%$num(%track%,2) %title%

Your advice was right for the file name but i didn't ask my questions correctly. The result was from:

G:\Music\Anna Netrebko\Russian Album\02 Song of Wonder
G:\Music\Anna Netrebko\Russian Album\ Rachmaninov - Russian Album - 02 Song of Wonder

But, I’d like to get to:

G:\Music \Rachmaninov\Russian Album\02 Song of Wonder

I would like to adjust not just the file name (which is 02 Song of Wonder).

Can Mp3Tag support this adjustment all the way up the directory? And if it can, will iTunes recognize the files after the change? And if not, is there simple way to get itunes to rescan?


If you "only" want to rename the directory then use an action of the type "Format value" for _directory and enter an absolut path without the filename, e.g.

If you then (also) want to rename the files (and not the directory) add another action of the type "Format value" for _filename with the mask.

You can also use the converter Tag-Filename but this will leave you with a lot of empty folders if your new naming pattern creates new folders. Also, non-music files do not get moved.

I follow but am unsure where to start. Can you be explicit - i am a newbie. "Use an action of the type "Format Value" for _ directory.....i am not sure what my first action is in Mp3Tag, eg. do i do this in Convert tag- filename? I looked for a "Format Value" option but didn't find. I suspect i should actually write in G\music\%composer%\%album% somewhere...

I am happy to play around with a couple of files but need a little push.


QUOTE (hshrader @ Apr 5 2013, 11:06) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

You must create a new Action:
Provided that the files and folder is the same hard drive.

@i_edgars: Nice workflow.
I think it is the policy of this forum to attach the dumps directly in this forum as otherwise the chances of the picture being lost (and the information also) are fairly high.

I think that the renaming action actually works over drive boundaries - which implies that you can really move complete folders from one drive to the next.

@hshrader: Actions, their creation and the types are described in the FAQs in this section /t/967/1
(see Notice! at the top of this thread).

I am too bad know English. Without attach I find it hard to speak.
@ hshrader's case, the FAQ is not enough. You can get mistaken and unnecessary folder. There was a significant overall Folder "Music"!

Actually, I tried to express my approval to show the workflow in a dump.
The only thing I had to criticize was that the link for the dump leads to a remote site and that the (same) data is not stored on the server of this forum. So in case the remote server ceases to work, the (good!) figure is lost. So if you find a way to attach the picture with a link to the forum's server it will stay with your post.

Thank you. Working on it... If i am successful, any idea how itunes will react. Will it recognize the changes and link the music between i-tune and the directory? I fear it will freak out and not be able to make the connection.

I'm was corrected it!