iTunes Owner Tag is not working/Appears another "name" owner

Hi everyone, I'm new here in this community.

I've been using Mp3tag since the 2.67 and I notice when in the version 2.78 added the new feature to edit "ITUNESOWNER" tag in ".m4a" files and was working without any problems, even I had place my organized music into iTunes and then, take a look to the information about the file and actually was changed successfully. But today when I edit some new music and then move it to iTunes, I notice that the "ITUNESOWNER" tag seems to be unmodified. Checking if is that my mistake or something, I re-opened that music file with Mp3tag v2.91 and the tag appears modified. Confused, I checked the file with "MediaInfo" tool from "K-Lite Codec Pack" and yes, It was modified, but the problem seems to bee in iTuned that still displays the un-modified "ITUNESOWNER" tag.

I did this to make sure wat it could be:

-Check with old and new ".m4a" audio files
-Uninstall the new Mp3tag and instal the first version that support "ITUNESOWNER" tag modification (v2.78)
-Uninstall that version, clean all the system and registry, reboot, install that v2.78 again, uninstall it again, clean system and registry and install the last version again
-Use other computer with a brand-new installed Windows 10
-Convert the purchased audio (with the last iTunes version) to erase all sings of that data and oddly that tag still appears. The "Purchased By:" in the song information is not modifyed.

I've checked the audio file with MediaInfo and Mp3tag, and it not appear, but somehow in iTunes still appearing.

As you can see, nothing of the above works, but I didn't quit yet and I had opened the file with Notepad++ and do a search with the actual Owner name and it appears that the "ITUNESOWNER" tag appears like "ownr" (as it appears in MediaInfo Tool info) and there's another part in the file that has the "owner" name and it appears just like "name" but it cannot be modified, because changing it damage the file integrity and it gets corrupt.

The Questions: Is that a bug or what? Do I have to wait until the new release to figure it out if theres a new feature so I can modify that?

Any feedback is really apreciated.

Thanks so much and I'm so sorry with this long message.


Delete the file from iTunes and add it again.
Or use a script to update you library. in Itunes you see the data from its own database and not that from the files. You have to force itunes to update its database.

Hi! I'm sorry that I didn't reply, was busy in a surprise trip.
well, it seems that you don't understand much what I wanted to say. Let me try with pictures:
I open Mp3tag last version to modify "ITUNESOWNER"

As you can see here, is working as usual.

Next to do is verify if the changes were succesful with Media Info tool:

In this picture shows that the changes has been made.

But, when I move the file to my iTunes Library, this is what appears in File Info:

So the file owner is modified, but the owner name persist.

No, is nothing to do with iTunes. I've deleted and add it again and again and clean or update the database and still appears the same.

So then, I opened the file with Notepad++ and I search for "ownr" and this what I got:
see pic_4
As you can see, the owner information appears changed as it must be.

But then I made a search for "name" and in the first line next to "name" appears the actual owner name:
see pic_5

Thinking for a few minutes, I decided to try to modify the characters on the "name" section to see if it works in this way, trying to use the same amount of characters:
see pic_6
As you can see, I've changed it to "Mp3tagFixThis!!" and then, saved it.

And for my surprise, when I go to iTunes to check, the "Purchased By" appears like this:
see pic_7
...and the funny part is that iTunes was not closed in the moment I modified th file. So is not a problem of iTunes or its databases.
Please, let me know if you know what's going on.






Well, as you can see from your experiments the ITUNESOWNER-tag has nothing to do with the embedded informations of your account.

Yes, but the problem is that "ITUNESOWNER" tag option used to change the name in the "Purchased by" section in iTunes and now it seems not to work. I have tried in other computers, different iTunes versions and diferent Mp3tag versions. And yes, I am sure that this option used to work because i have other music files that it actually has been modified.

Please see this topic

Hey Florian, thanks for the replying.

Soooo... in other words, modifying this is totally illegal since is DRM stuff... But the odd part is that in the 2.78 release, used to work just fine, which I can't understand because the other files that I had already modified with that version, stills appears with the name that I used to place since the release of that version.

Anyways, I think this topic should be closed, since there's nothing else that can solve the problem.

Thanks for the suport...!

I don't think that I've modified the data you're referring to in Pic_5 and Pic_6 with v2.78. It's data that is outside of the Apple iTunes metadata.

My guess is that you've used it on files that didn't have this special DRM part that files of kind "Purchased AAC audio file" have.

The drms atom of those files contains a little bit more than the user's name (it's what you've found next to the name atom). It contains user which most likely is the iTunes Store user ID, key which is most likely the iTunes Store user key and some more atoms which can possibly contain user-related information.

Are you sure that you didn't modify that data I'm refering in Pic_5 and Pic_6??? O_o
OMG, that's really odd! because before I posted here, I look back to my old files that I modified with v2.78 to see if those files had this name tag and, for my surprise, yeah, it is there, but with the same name that ownr (ITUNESOWNER Tag) have. That's why I have realised that it was a "problem" on the software.

And all the files that I am using, since the frst time I use Mp3tag, are iTunes .m4a files, which says "Purchased AAC audio file".

Well, I don't know what to say.

Kind Regards... –Davo

Yes. Feel free to go back to v2.78 to confirm this.

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