iTunes Programme/Sort Programme Tags (Show/Sort Show)

I'd like to use these in .mp3 files as free text.

Anyone know of a way? I realise they're meant for .mp4 files, and are not stored in the file itself, but maybe one of you guys knows a way to utilise them?

If the fields are only stored in the iTunes database then it is up to iTunes to handle them.
In the old days it way possible to transfer tag data to the files by modifying the tag version of files even from V2.3. to V2.3. iTunes would then write the database data to tags. I don't know if that is still possible.
But if it is, you may see the fields that you are looking for in the extended tags dialogue.

It looks like they are only stored in the iTunes database, and unfortnately, they do not show up in the extended fields dialogue. :slightly_frowning_face: