iTunes tag source doesn't return more than 200 tracks

Hi, team,

I find a problem in my use. But I don't know maybe is a bug?

When I try to run the iTunes info for the album, the search info is 296 songs. but the next step only display 200 songs, I try difference album, find problem is the same.

I will upload some pic for your reference.!


Itunes has a limitation in the API for a maximum of 200 tracks of an album to deliver.

@poster is right. And the iTunes Search API is limited to approximately 20 calls per minute.

Thanks poster.
If API does not change or fix in the future, just not have the perfect solution for the problem?

Well, there are not so many box-sets you have to tag that have more than 200 tracks.

You can use another web-source and look, if this has your special edition to tag from.
In this special case (Aelian String Quartet - Haydn) you could use the Deezer-websource:

And at least if you cannot find a suitable websource there is still the possibilty to copy & paste a tracklist from the web to a text-file and use the Converter Text file->Tag.


I will try this source.