The Japanese translation is up-to-date.

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I've updated the original topic with 4 untranslated strings. Can you have a look at them?


Re-updated 4 untranslated strings.
Please redownload Japanese.lng.


Thank you! I've updated _C_OPT_FMT_ST_BEGIN to _C_OPT_FMT_ST_BEGIN 以下の文字に続く文字は大文字にする。 to be more consistent with the English translation.


No problem but re-updated and fixed that sentence and incorrect sentences.
Please re-download the file. Thank you for developing. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update!


Some mp3tag users in japan say "after version up, mp3 file comment tag value is not showed on Windows7 file explorer. Why? Need v2.73 installer, please give me."

Yes they have not read following important change log.

After v2.74, default language code had changed to eng even if users use Windows Japanese version.

I think you need to provide better default language code for Non-English speaking users in the world.

I was not able to notice this minor problem since I always use this software to edit tags of mp4 (AAC) files only. (I know that they are stored utf-8 encoding. It is one of Unicode. )
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eng is also used for German users. Which is not the optimum setting.
The main reason for it is that apparently iTunes uses eng as default for its comments. So if you want to see comments in iTunes, you have to use the eng setting.

The explorer behaves differently and uses the local language. So in a way: you can die only one death. Either you see no comments in iTunes or in the Windows explorer.
Fortunately, you can set it to your requirements without too much of a hastle.


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Direct link:


Japanese language file that supports latest development version 2.83i


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