Keep old cover when importing tags from Discogs

Is it possible to maintain the cover of a file during the importing process from Discogs?

Currently, it is possible to deselect the Discogs cover in the modal, but the original cover itself is removed from the file.


Hi and welcome,

I plan to add a Merge option next to the normal Save from Discogs.

This way, you could then deselect the Discogs cover and have the selected data of the Discogs result overwrite the existing fields — while preserving the rest of the original data (incl. the cover).


Hi Florian, this is great news, thanks for confirming.

I set up a couple of actions to export and re-import the covers in the meantime, but I'm certainly looking forward to have a Merge feature!

The merge feature is now available with Mp3tag for Mac 1.1.0 :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the heads-up, Florian! I am waiting for the App Store to propagate the update. I can't wait!

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