Keeping tracks in correct order


this is my first post. excuse me for any stupidities.

I stream classical music from copied cds and digital purchases. I stream in flac. I sometimes convert mp3 to flac with db converter.

However when I play the tracks (for an opera for example) they will sometimes not come out in the correct order. the overture will be much lower in the list. if I can fix the track order then this problem does not occur.

QUESTION; How can I use MP3Tag to "fix" the order of the tracks in the order they were downloaded (and held in the computer file correctly)

I wonder if this involves fixing the filenames in the specific order but dont understand how to do this

Any help greatly appreciated.


What you have to do depends on your player.

Some can use playlists.
Some look for the tracknumber-tag.
Some look for the filename.

So you have to find out, what your player needs.

Mp3Tag can then help you prepare your files for the need of your player.

I understand Twonky sorts by filename. can you guide me to the instructions for amending filenames to reflect track numbers please?

Perhaps with some advice from the FAQs: /t/8016/1