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Hi Dano! Hi MP3Tag users!

Now i am new here.
I use MP3Tag since last week. Its a very nice program, and easy to use!!!
While tagged a few mp3 files, i missed a function to automate clicks, because its very usefull if somebody have a large number of mp3-files as me.

So i have written a little script with Autoit, to make the most clicks automatic. For better understand watch the video!

here is a little videosample to view (sorry for bad quality, but it is sufficient to see how the script works)

I have tested my automation script only with the dialog "Discogs Web Service Direct Search by Artist and Title". But i think that you can use it with your standard dialog too.

For the people who are interested in the changed dialog, i attached it. Download it and copy the attached src in your sources folder, for Windows Vista it found here C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Mp3tag\data\sources\

I have edited the source to get a smaller result list (filter the genre "Electronic" and only results after the year 1987, beacause thats i mostly search - you can change it as you want!!

The results will be displayed in order of the year (from old to new)


HOW TO USE****************

  • now start the actual version 2.49 in german or in english language,

  • be shure that the right Discogs Search Source used one time before, so that MP3tag use it standardly when click the Quick-Search Symbol.

-now click on the MP3TagScript.exe

[b]You can STOP the script with "Esc"

thats all, and have fun with it.

I dont know, why i cant attach rar-files in this forum! But here it is on another way :wink:

Download Script zur Halbautomatisierung von MP3Tag v2.49 in Deutsch &English

EDIT: 03.10.2008:17:18 - New Version Uploaded
corrected the number of downscrolling lines after tag 27 Files!

EDIT: 04.11.2008:20:49 - New Version Uploaded for using with version 2.42

EDIT: 02.10.2010:14:45 - New Version Uploaded - much faster now (show the videosample above!) for using with version 2.46c

EDIT: 04.10.2010:20:15 - New Version Uploaded - much faster now (show the videosample above!) and it works now with english language too for using with version 2.46c

EDIT: 29.06.2011:22:05 - New Version Uploaded for using with version 2.49

[b]EDIT: 30.06.2011 - Changed the description

PS: Sorry for my english, but i am german

discogs_Search_by_Artist____Title.src (10.7 KB)

I will update ever the version in the second post of this thread!

This "batch tagging" with autoit and the scripts various people write is very usefull. Unfortunately i am not a programmer so i don't know what can or cannot be done.
Is there a way to make a script or autoit program that could do the following:
Per folder, or from a selection of songs (whatever is easyer, you can decide on the conditions)
lookup the lyrics (for example the leoslyrics script) and import them per song. i don't know if it is possible that it catches only those where it is sure of the lyrics, and skip/disregard those where it doesn't find lyrics or where the window with the list of possibility's you manually choose from pops up.

Im having problems building this with autoit, I keep getting an error on line 27 "Error: Variable used without being declared".

I've added another button and also a download for the compiled file.

Wow dano you really got some skills. Thanks again

updated again - now much faster script! show at the second post of this thread!

and updated again - now the script works with english language too! show at the second post of this thread!

and updated again - show at the second post of this thread!

Does your script what dano's script did or have you modified it?

I don't understand what you are talking about the modified src file in your post (post 2)? There is no src in your rar and your exe works with every src, right?

Sorry - i attached it seperatly again :wink: The difference to the original one is that the search result sort by year of publishing.

But you can also try to run with your script :wink:

So. I have re-edited my post for better overview - i hope so :wink: