LAME Tag ?


I'm having another serious go at my music collection and I've got a few more questions I'd like to ask.

Is it possible to view the LAME tag using Mp3tag? I can see the data provided by this tag using EncSpot and Frontah. Specifically it seems quite useful to be able to see which version of LAME the file was encoded with. And also its Stereo mode, Lowpass filter, etc.

I can't find any way to view this tag so I assume it isn't implemented. Is it a feature you're thinking of adding?


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hi, according to this post by Florian it is not planned: /t/291/1
(it's only in german, maybe this should be in english, too)

Dano is right - detecting the encoder version and other codec related information is not planned. AFAIK Sebastian Mares is working on a advanced tool which displays information abaout audio files (like EncSpot).

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We are working on a tool similar to EncSpot and currently having a discussion whether we should continue with Visual Basic or switch to C++. Anyway, I can only go on with developing after finishing my exams in April.

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I'd also like to see this introduced. It's the only feature that I really need that Mp3tag doesn't have. NFOSighting does this and as it's something I need on a regular basis I still have to use NFOSighting instead of Mp3tag for this one function. I'd be very happy if it were integrated into a future version,

Also, the ability to detect what software was used to rip the CD would be nice too. :sunglasses:

Yep, I'd like to see it too. Plus support for other codecs if possible.

Why not have a look at the Mr Question Man (or the Mr Question Man Miriam Edition [fork] source code - it might be in a different coding language, but the code is there for the 'taking' (it is open source).


i know there will be no encoder detection, but may i ask why are you ignoring this feature? yes, they are external tools for this (MrQuestionMan is an excellent one), but to add the encoder info to an export file would be excellent. And that can't be done with MrQuestionMan.
I think the roadmap should contain some more explanation why some functions will be not implemented.

Maybe because it is very difficult to implement such a feature? If you only want LAME information, then it's easier, yes, but if you want a full encoder detection that should be able to tell apart LAME from iTunes, Xing, Blade, Shine, etc., that is very difficult.

Sorry for my stupidity, i didn't think of that obvious reason :frowning: . But anyway if you are working on such a tool, couldn't it be implemented into mp3Tag later? :unsure: Of course only if it will be written for a compatible platform. If your program will be able to store the detected information in a specific tag field displayable in mp3Tag i will be more than happy