Latest Build Fails to Access WMA files

I recently updated the application to v2.99a. It seems that somehow this version has difficulty (for the first time, ever) with Windows Media Audio files on my machine. I have a sizeable portion of my library in WMA form (mainly ripped CDs), and suddenly, with this build, I get a "File cannot be opened for writing."

This is a TOTALLY NEW BEHAVIOR, only introduced with this latest build. I've been using MP3Tag for several years now... as it's so dramatically nicer than trying to edit metadata within Windows Media Player.

I'm actually going to remove this build and reinstall an older one, to restore this functionality. But, it's mildly annoying to have to do so. Breaking one of the more common audio file formats... is a fairly major bug. And while I'm currently focusing on MP3 for portable and FLAC for high-quality these days, I really don't want to have to re-rip all of my audio CDs to be able to work with your program!

I only have few WMA-files but I have no problem to write to them.
Maybe some other piece of software (i.e. Windows Media Player) is blocking.

I use 2.99b.

But if WMA's are lossless, then what is the problem in turning them into also lossless FLACs?

I am not telling you to do so just because of this bug but merely suggesting on account of other problems with tag fields and audio players

With a proper preparation and software [one of them being Mp3tag] your can convert your whole collection into desired format, proof error and so on





As for the bug itself

In this version [on Windows 10 Enterprise x64 18362.356] I get a pop up window saying that a file cannot be opened for writing. But the writing does occur after all. I only do not get this message if I change the FILENAME, as it only shows up when tag fields were either just changed [and accepted] within the main window, or after pressing Save wherever the focus happens to be at the moment

I can't reproduce the issue here. Can you check if another software is blocking the file?