Latest Discogs script

Question regarding latest Discogs script.
I no longer receive several versions of albums. Normal you search for an album it shows several dates and version.

when I search now Artist + Album, it goes straight to one selection. Howevver, if you go to discog website. There may be 15 versions of the album.

Second, is there a way to hide or archive the old discogs script. for me its hard to determine what's the latest... the dates show Oct 2013.. etc.


Can you give an example of the album that shows this behavior?

Regarding the version: you can go to %APPDATA%\Mp3tag\data\sources where

Cover Art#Discogs.src
Cover Art#Discogs Release ID.src
Discogs Release ID.src

are the official Discogs sources. The version of Discogs.src that is shipped with the current Development Build is v1.09 (you can see this in the file's header).

I'll take it from the top again to clarify my issue.

Artist album: The Coconuts - Don't Take My Coconuts

using discogs src (pone r Dano) when you do a search you get one result which automatically shows up in MP3tag.

However, if you go to discogs website it shows 21 results. again, previously you would see all the results in mp3tag.

Understand it's not part of your discog veersion, which I will try next.


The last post from the above thread.
That's what I've been doing.
At first I was doing some rare, one-listing only albums so I didn't catch on, until I did something that had 50 versions, then I saw there was a glitch happening.
I do the same. Get that one listing, get it's URL and go from there.