Length of the Tag "Filter Field" field

Hey there,

Awesome program btw; thanks Florian!

Just wondering if there's some way of extending the length of the tag "Filter Field" field since many of my tag field-names are longer than the ~12 caps locked characters currently viewable. It would also be nice if there was some way of removing disused/erroneous entries in the drop-down menu.

Oooh, and less importantly, I also seem to have acquired a "Directory" field in my Tag Panel which is now surplus to requirements now I've realised the directory can be displayed in the title bar. Does anyone know how to get rid of it seeing as it's not listed under "File > Options > Tag Panel (> Default Values)" ?

Thanks peeps,


Not yet, but I'll increase its size in some of the next versions.

There is a way to remove them, but it's a little bit ugly: press [Alt+T] and add a new field. In the field selection drop-down, you can press [Shift+Del] to delete the currently selected field name. After pressing OK and restarting Mp3tag the changes will be also visible in the filter.

This can't be disabled at the moment, but I've put it on my internal list.

Ooh brilliant - that works a treat! That'll do nicely for now.
...And it forms the basis of an effective tag field renaming work-around until the next set of updates.

Thanks again :slight_smile: