List focus jumps to first column after selecting multiple rows

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I am afraid that I can reproduce this behavior each and every time on multiple systems, even one which is brand new, air-gapped and running Windows 10 and nothing else installed; Mp3tag as portable.

I have also experienced this bug over many versions and for many months if not years. I survive it by using the filter as much as I can in the past but this is unbearable.

I do not doubt the principal observation. As I wrote earlier: I have experienced it before.
But simply scrolling to the right, selecting 2 rows and the jump happens is something I cannot reproduce.
The laptop has an Nvidia graphic card - perhaps this is an approach.
(then we can dig into the antivirus scanner (Avira) and other nosy programs and see whether they grab the focus for a minute moment but long enough to cause a redraw. Or does it matter whether you have the data on a NAS, a magnetic HDD or an SDD (my setup)?).
Again: I do not doubt your observation. I simply cannot reproduce it by simply selecting 2 (or more) entires in the list.

I do not doubt your sincerity or observations on your system either. The additional comments were primarily to add context for the development process.

While mine is not categorical that a real bug exist, yours does not negate that one does. Similar jumping problems are recounted in the forums. What we need, err, Florian needs are folks who have this or near identical problems to chime-in. It is up to Florian to access the credibility of what is accounted here, find a solution, a workaround (both as resource permits) or say that it is something that will not be addressed. If I care about a product, my job is to report when it misbehaves and user-error is not the cause :-). I am nonetheless grateful for your efforts, ohrenkino.

More context:
I just now installed Mp3tag v3.01 (Portable) fresh and not over an existing install -- the same phenomenon occurs.

I am willing to run a debug version to find the root cause.

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we are still in the process of narrowing the whole thing down, aren't we?
I run 3.01 frequently on a W8 portable installation with loads of background processes and an Intel graphics card and external USB-HDD, a wide display with 2560 pixels - no jumps.
I also have that already mentioned laptop with just 1440 pixels - no jumps.
An AMD PC with loads of HDDs and SSDs and a 1680 screen and alternatively bootable with W7 or W10 - no jumps
(They all run MP3tag.)
I know that you are annoyed - I would be. But the reproduceability is still the major problem. How should you correct something if you cannot test whether that was really the fault?

Hi, I'm using the program lately, because with all this coronavirus issue I have more spare time, and I wanted to clean up a little my music collection.

I have the same bug/behavior than the one started the thread. I you go to the right side, select a few rows, and then the window moves suddenly to the left. It's really annoying, and more when you are changing many different folders.

I'll try to record my screen so you can see it. I'm using a Windows 10 64 bits SO, 16GB RAM, SSD and HDD. Version 3.01 installed portable.

The easiest way to reproduce: undoing a big action on multiple (many) files.

The problem is old, significant, and affects many. First time i wrote about it here, 4.5 years ago. I have had this phenomenon for 7-10 years.

What, if i sent you my config? I use a difficult lineup, it sure matters: 64 columns displayed (some of them with complicated calculations), 30 fields in the left panel. Or, may be, better variant: here are my columns.ini and (4.5 KB)

I remember a professor in an undergrad philosophy class using an absurd example to make the indelible point, "Just because you have not seen a green moon, it does not mean that one doesn't exist." In common terms, the absence of evidence is never evidence of absence.

For those who don't experience the issue, their observations are irrelevant, per se. For debugging, only those with a legitimate problem (a sample size) count, and those that report it represent an even smaller sub-sample. Multiply that by some number to determine the truly affected.

The issue is reproducible to me and I guess to those affected. It is a repetitive fault. I use the filter to circumvent the annoyance. I adapt :-). Unless Florian knows of the code/library that triggers this effect already, he will have to rely on those affected for testing. I offer to help as the pandemic offers some free time.

How does someone test for a effect not observed but reported by other observers? One way is that you create a debug version of the software and ask the observers to test it and submit the logs. You make some change to the code and ask them to test that the undesired effect is gone. Right?

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I don't know why I deserved that lecture as I repeated a couple of times that

But I cannot reproduce it. So simply selecting more than just one track while having scrolled to the right cannot be all. What else is there?

I've documented this issue and asked for help in this post on StackOverflow:

As you can see, it's from June 2017 and I've spent countless hours on this issue already. The code from this issue describes a minimal, complete and verifiable example of an application that shows the described behavior. If you have Visual Studio, you could play around and see for yourself.

However, as you can see from the comments, not everyone can reproduce it.

I've also added a compiled version for convenience:

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Sorry but the ListScroll.exe that you upped was insufficient to show the issue; it is just a 2x2 grid with values in only the first column. Plus, I already experience the bug whenever I use Mp3tag. I keep offering to test a debug version and submit its log but…. Maybe you could compare your code with other grid-based apps on GitHub or similar that carry an MIT or BSD license. Also, the issue could be the way mouse inputs are interpreted versus those from the keyboard.

A possible work-around for those of us who experience this problem:
As stated before, selecting multiple rows using the mouse and [Shift] or [Ctrl] causes the list to shift to the left so that the first column is in focus.
However, skipping the use of the mouse and using the keyboard for selections does not trigger this bug.

●To select contiguous rows:
While the first row is highlighted, press+hold [Shift] then press [Down] arrow to the desired last row.

●To select non-contiguous rows:
While the first row is highlighted, press+hold [Ctrl] then press [Down] arrow to the desired next row and press [Space] to highlight. Rinse and repeat as needed.

I've added a dirty workaround which needs testing and might be removed in case of unintended side effects with Mp3tag v3.01b.

Please let me know if this resolves the issue for you (and if other issues are appearing).

Has this issue been resolved? I am still experiencing this problem.Using 3.02.

I think the category says it all: "Bug Reports bug-awaiting-feedback".
No, it has not been resolved yet.

Crap, sorry, I did not think to check which forum it was on.

Hi @Florian
I have been away for a while. I attempted to access v3.01b with the work-around, but the link went to v3.03 and that was as before, i.e. jumps to first column on selection of multiple rows.

I am not sure if you removed the fix.
Thanks for your efforts

Unfortunately, that bug fix was not successful.

I've made another attempt in fixing this issue and it would be just great if you all could have a look at this topic and try the internal version

The issue seems to be fixed here.
What possible side effects could be invented?
Is there s special direction in which we could look for side effects?

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Nice! I'm messing with the internals of the list control, so anything from refresh to editing capabilities can be affected. Also, please check if the Sticky Keys behavior (as mentioned in the linked topic) has changed with your system.

I don't see any pop-ups for activation sticky keys here.