List of all possible tags

I was wondering if a list of all tags that MP3Tag can read is available. I've checked through the Online Help and have also checked the FAQ.

Or - are the tags in the Help section the 'standard' fields and anything else I'm seeing custom ( I have a feeling this is the answer but wanted to verify).

Isn't this what are you looking for? :flushed:

Close, I guess what I'm asking is,
is this the complete list of 'standard' tags, or placeholders as Help calls them.

You mean fields... Well, I am not sure if there is a list with the names MP3Tag uses to map the various fields. You have to wait for Florian's answer.

This is a list of fields which are mapped to ID3v2 frames: "ALBUM",


All other fields are mapped to a usertext ID3v2 frame.

~ Florian

That is exactly what I was looking for Florian, thanks!

So - this prompts another question:

Is there a way to do an export that will show me any usertext ID3v2 frames inside of the tag without me knowing the specific name of the usertext frame?

I'm trying to clean up my collection and want to get back to all standardized frames.


sorry, but this is not possible.

Best regards,
~ Florian

OK, thanks for the response.