Listing all subdirectories folders only

i'm trying to only list my subdiriectory folder names only but i'm having trouble finding and answer in the forums. i don't know what action is need to list all my subdirectories. i would be grateful to you all with help on this,
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Mp3tag is only listing files in those folders (if the "Subdirectories" checkbox is enabled at File → Change directory). Folder names are not listed in Mp3tag, but are part of the Path column in the file list.

Where do you want to list those directories?
Do you want to create an export?

According to the Mp3tag help, you can use this folder placeholders:

filename path info
%_directory% Name of the parent directory
%_folderpath% Path without file name
%_path% File name with path
%_parent_directory% Name of the grandparent folder

Thanks all for you replies, but i'm still confused. ohrenkino i'm trying to list them within mp3tag replacing the files with folders.

you can add an new column or edit an existing one and enter one of the variables that got listed here:

For the column definition, set them as "Value", leave "Field" empty.

ok i'm guessing in order to change the directory name THE YOUNG RIVER The i need to do action>folder value>field %_directory% field string> %artist% The does this look correct and how can i remove the THE at the beginning of the directory?

To be sure if you use the correct format string, you could try it first with the menu Convert Tag -> Filename. ("Filename" can include the path, not only the filename itself.)

There you see immediately - before you execute the command - what your format string would result in.

If you need some more help, please show us a screenshot from your selected details and how you would like the result.

ok so what you are saying if the filename is change then the directory name gets changed?

Thanks Folks I have it figure out.

No, not really. If you only change the filename and not the partially or fully qualified filename, then the directory stays as it is.

To create folder structures from tags, see the FAQs: