Looking for New User Help

I am a relatively new user of MP3Tag and I am trying to learn how to best use it. It would be really be helpful if someone could write (or point me to) some sort of beginner's guide to MP3Tag. MP3 tag seems to be a VERY powerful program. However, even after reading "help" I cannot seem to grasp how to do things like:

  1. How to change "Op". to "Op" (remove the period) using a user defined action for the title tag. When I run the action (It took me 1/2 hour to figure out how to construct it) it changes "Op." to "op" How do I do an exact replace.

  2. I want to make a tag that describes where I got the music (Like CD, Record, Youtube....). There doesn't seem to be a tag like that. Can I create one?

There are many other issues like that where examples would be useful. Any suggestions would be appreciated.....

I think the HowTos and FAQs would be a good source just like help

The help would also show you the list of actions where one is called "Replace":

In this action you can also set how to treat upper/lower case.

Thank you for your response.

Here is an example where the article you referenced is not of much help...
How would I craft a replace action that would replace "-" with "; " (ignore the quotes but the space after the semicolon is important).

Tanks again

Just type a space where you need it in "Replace with".

Actions group [icon] > New [icon] > [enter whatever the name you like] > New [icon] > Replace

Field: TITLE
Original: Op.
Replace with: Op

And you might want to check the only as a whole word and / or case-sensitive comparison boxes, depending on how your files look like, i.e. if they are unified in nomenclature and in perfect order or the opposite- you have more of less of a mess

You can create your own tag fields and describe them as you want

But I would personally advise you to use some already existing [legit] field for that, and a common one for best results- as some audio players may have problems with displaying data from made up fields

Also some audio formats may have issues with accepting into some of the fields some special characters like dots

For starters I would advise you to use COMMENT field. In the future, when you will gain some experience and will know how to rework your files to a desired shape / modus operandi, you will be able to move all of that data from COMMENT to some other field. Just start simple