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I have noticed that if I edit an album, changing the (release) Date and then use Actions (Quick) to make a change to the track titles, the Date reverts to the original and the new date is 'lost'. Simple remedy is carry out the edits the other way round. However, if a lot of amendments have been made to tags before the Action (Quick) edit is carried out, it can be slightly frustrating,

Could you please tell us
what you consider to be the

and which field or property that is?
Also, it would be interesting to see the quick action that you apply.

The (release) Date I was referring to is the Year tag (apologies). The Quick Action was via the Actions menu and was a Replace to remove words in track Titles.

If you are making any changes in the Tag Panel (i.e. the Date field), you must Save these changes prior to executing any other action. Clicking the Save icon, using the File>Save menu, or the Ctrl+S shortcut all do this for you quickly. I don't think making an "Auto-save" action is prudent.

I could reproduce this behaviour to that extent that an unsaved modification in the tag panel and any subsequently called action (be it "qucik" or any other) does not lead to the message that are unsaved changes.
This message pops up, though, when other user interaction like navigating to the next file takes place.
TBH: I would have expected just like @RSJ to see the "unsaved changes" message also when actions are executed.

The issue with having to save tag panel changes before any other changes are made (e.g. through quick actions) is that after saving, tracks may then be synched from a PC to, say, a NAS and are locked by the sync process; it can be a while before further changes can be saved.

I see a problem with a key feature of MP3tag - the batch processing of a lot of files. There are numerous threads that deal with the problem of locked files.

And while the use case that you describe depends a lot on a setup that MP3tag cannot influence, I still think that the message that there are unsaved changes, which got introduced with 3.09

[2021-08-16] NEW: added option to disable notification message that warns about unsaved changes. (#53945)

should also be displayed when other interaction than navigation occurs. This would be in the scope of MP3tag's influence.

Yes the pop up warning would be a benefit in this case, agreed.

I think in either condition that you have described, this wait situation will be unavoidable. Whether you initiate the Quick Action first and then do the tag panel edits, or the other way around, you will need to wait for one to finish saving before the next can be executed.

The only way for the sync problem to be resolved would be for tag panel changes to be maintained after a quick action had been performed.

This would change the MP3tag working concept. And I am not quite sure whether that is desirable.
Leaving unsaved changes in the tag panel but using that data for the subsequent actions and then, when finally the message pops up that there are unsaved changes and I syy "no" to saving them, the actions would have worked on data that is actually not there.
Also, the action could effect data that is displayed in the tag panel and has been edited - which one should win?
The only way out would be to put all modifications into an action group, execute that and then let the saved data be synced - a change in workflow that you could set into action right now.

I've added this with Mp3tag v3.12a.

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