Lost Data changing Focus

Version 3.11 Windows 10 - 64bit

If you have a file selected in the File List, then make a modification in the Tag Panel, then go back to the SAME SELECTION in the File List, the modification in the Tag Panel is lost without warning.

I know you changed the confirmation on 2021-06-18, (and I appreciate that change) but this is different as you haven't really moved to another record, only changing what has the focus in that record.

Thank you for all you do to make this work!

I just did the following:
Select a single file in the file list.
Go to the tag panel field TITLE and add an "s" to a word, just to make change.
I do not press Ctrl-S or click the button in the tool bar.
I click on the selected file in the file list.
A message pops up and ask whether I want to save the changes.
(This is 3.11f in use)
I would say, that is ok.

Where is the difference to your workflow.

Thanks for taking time to help with this issue.
I also am using 3.11f

The workflow appears to be the same.
I followed your steps ...
After I add the "s" ... to make the change ...
I click the file in the file list.
When I click on the file, the "s" is removed in the Tag Panel. Note that when I click on the file to select it, the field that my cursor is over becomes selected and is in edit mode.

It still appears to be an issue with me. There might be a setting, although I have not changed many (if any) from the default.

Could you check Tools>Options>Messages
whether "unsaved changes" is ticked?
If so, then you should get the message.

I can confirm this behaviour:

Bug Report

The change only disappears if you click on a field within the same track which can be edited.
If you click on a second track or on a information field, the expected warning appears:

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Thank you....

"at unsaved changes" is ticked (selected).
I unticked it, tried it with same results, and ticked it again, with same results.

Here is what is happening. The cursor is slightly off, but you should get the idea:

Mp3Tag Bug

Again ... I appreciate your help.

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So do I.
You really have to take the effort to aim accurately.

I've fixed this with Mp3tag v3.12a. Thanks for reporting!

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