Love Product......


:rolleyes: This is great software. I'm new to all this, but with a few thousand songs I was looking for something to help me manage my libraries and bring some order to chaos. I do have a question, hope its not silly......

I’ll try to make it as clear as possible. I would like to be able to rearrange the order of the retagging. I’ll explain:

When selecting the "Convert" option and then selecting "Filename Tag" the default set up is as follows:

(%i - %a %n) - %t

So that Title, Artist, Album, and Track fields are retagged.
Using the following: The filename is

Grand Funk Railroad - Foot Stompin' Music.mp3

With the current defaut MP3Tag setup the file is converted as follows:

“Footstompin Music” becomes the Title.
“Grand Funk RailRoad” becomes the Artist.
“Footstompin Music” will become the Album.

And as it stands it works great, however I would like to make the artist name and the album name the same. So that

Footstompin Music becomes the Title.
Grand Funk Railroad becomes the Artist
Grand Funk Railroad becomes the Album.

Hope this makes sense…..Anyone have a clue how I can change the Format String to acommodate my wishes.

Thanks......... :flushed:


I'm glad you like Mp3tag - thank's for the nice feedback!

To copy Grand Funk Railroad both to Album and Artist you have to run the Converter Filename - Tag two times.

The first time you use the formatstring
%a - %t
the second time you can use the formatstring
%i - %t

Hope that helps!

~ Florian


WOW! And thats on two accounts....First on the quick response and second on your suggestion. I test tried it on approx. 100 songs...and it worked like a charm. Thanks again.

Now....I have another question. Can you help me to help myself. By this I mean how would I have known....that the two format strings you suggested would have worked for me. Does this come with expirence or trail and error, or is there some place I can go to learn more about the formatting of strings.

For some reason I thinking that its unique to the language in which the application was written, if so......then where might I look up the information.

I hope you can appreicate that I simply would like to aid myself, and not trouble anyone.

In the examples you provided....
example 1: (%a - %t)
example 2: (%i - %t)

I think I understand the first expression: In the first example....

Title and Album are extacted from the filename and are retagged accordingly.
Where %a and %t represent the album and title referenced in the filename and the application somehow knows to extract and tag them accordingly.

In the second example......
I'm just a little confused, probably more than a little but anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

If %i represents Artist and %t represents title, and the result from the first example is only Title and Album......then how does the 2nd. example know to retag Artist with the information from the Album tag.

Confusing I know...and if its too much.....then its okay......Trust me I am a very happy camper even if it does work like magic :wink: :wink:

However if you attempt to explain it........I will understand it. It won't go to waste...or if you can even direct me to some reading documenation that will work.

Thanks Again.......


To learn how the converters are working the first place to start is the Overview of converters and the Configuration, Filename - Tag help page.
This page also describes the available placeholders for the formatstring (like %i, %a, ...),

In general, the formatstring describes an abstract pattern for the filename.

If you have a filename like
Artist - Title
simply replace the parts Artist and Title by the appropriate placeholders %i and %t to get the formatstring
%i - %t

If you want to save the artist part also in the album tag field, simply replace the artist-placeholder by the album-placeholder. This results in the formatstring
%a - %t

If you have a filename like
(Artist - Album - Track#) Title
simply replace the parts Artist, Album, Track# and Title by the appropriate placeholders %i, %a, %n and %t to get the formatstring
(%i - %a - %n) %t

Hope this helps!

With best regards,
~ Florian