Lyrics display no line break

There seems to be a reading issue with Mp3tag, with default settings, the lyrics doesn't break into lines but all are messed into one line, while the same file when opened withTag&Renamer and other tag editors, the lyrics display alright. :huh: :huh:


I most of the times download from a source, it has lyrics embedded inside the files. If I download a file directly to phone without editing/saving any tag in mp3tag then lyrics display ok. But when I open that file in mp3tag, the lyrics is shown without line breaks, if I modify any tag (embedded lyrics still left untouched) then save, then transfer the file to my phone, music players would display the lyrics without line breaks too.

Please fix this bug (if it is a bug), thanks in advance. I cannot stand other tag editors, seriously.

It could be that the lyrics do not feature the sequence of control characters but only one of them.
If you do not know which one, you could ...
check the file with a hex-editor to see if at the end there is a character 0D or 0A.
Or you could replace first all $char(10) with a #
to check if this character is in the lyrics string and if this does not produce any visible "#" then try the same for $char(13).

Once you have determined, which control character is there, replace the single occurance with the double pack:

Create an action of the type "Replace" for UNSYNCEDLYRICS
Search string: $char(10)
(as example it if it )
Replace string: $char(13)$char(10)

This should lead to linebreaks

Thanks for the reply, but I'm just a general user :unsure: I don't know how to proceed, all I can do is download a hex editor, open the music file and look at the end, there is no 0D nor 0A so you see, I'm helpless...
I attach here the file so if you were willing to help, I would be tremendously grateful!
(But I figure that this a just a temporary fix, this seems like a job for mp3tag to properly decode the strings, no?)

In Chains (Myer vs. Wilder Deconstruction).m4a

Because Mp3tag removes automatically all single LineFeed characters from the tag-field UNSYCEDLYRICS within the MP4 file, when manipulating and saving this tag-field ...
(...??? maybe a Mp3tag bug ??? ...),
it seems so as if you have only one chance to modify the content of this tag-field, ...
by replacing each single LineFeed character with a CarriageReturn-LineFeed sequence.

Action: Format value
Formatstring: $regexp(%UNSYNCEDLYRICS%,'\r\n|\r|\n','\r\n')


I followed your guide but the popup reads: "Formatted tags in 0 of 1 files. 0 of 1 files renamed"? Why is it 'renamed'? and the lyrics stays the same... :unsure:

For me it works with your example MP4 file, ...
Status message: "Formatted tags in 1 of 1 files. 0 of 1 files renamed"?
... so try again.


Oh thank you thank you so much, my bad. I don't know what happened earlier. but I restart the program now it works beautifully <3 :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: god bless you! Now editing +1000 songs on my phone seems like a breeze now. Thank you again