lyrics trouble


I save the song's USLT data via miniLyrics which write lyrics in ID3 V2.3 field. but after change tags via mp3tag(no change of USLT),the data was encode by utf-16.


All tags are saved with the encoding chosen at "Tools > Options > Tags > Mpeg"
If you don't like utf-16 change it to ISO-8859-1


Got it ^_^
But how to change single field without dealing with others?


It's not possible, sorry.


Could it be a change request? Not to touch existing/unrelated tags? At least as an option?

If I add a Title tag and my settings are ISO-8859-1, I loose say USLT content if it was encoded UTF-16. I just wonder - both USLT and SYLT are not supported tags, but in these conditions my USLT got screwed up and stored as ISO-8859-1 questionmarks, while SYLT was not touched at all.

Luckily... as restoring USLT on some 20 records is much simpler than redoing whole synchronization - I had just done it manually with no backup :slight_smile:


USLT is supported, that's why it gets changed.