m3u to xml playlist

Is there a way to convert my m3u playlist to a xml iTunes playlist? I don't see a way to save my mp3's to a xml playlist. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have lots of m3u playlist files and would also like to be able to convert m3u to xml playlist. Thank you

There is no ready made built in M3U to XML converter in Mp3tag.
Maybe there are already numerous tools out in the world to solve such a standard task.

If you need Mp3tag to do this task, then you can load the files by the m3u playlist into Mp3tag and then use Mp3tag's export functionality to write a XML playlist.

See there as a starting point:
Export Configuration Archive

But ... why should iTunes not be able to read in a m3u file?
If so, then let iTunes do the conversion.
Make a new playlist in iTunes and drag the m3u file into.

Other people say: "Winamp has support for the iPod and can make an iPod playlist in Winamp."