Mac OS 64bit native app

I would also appreciate a native Mac version...

I have been running Mp3tag on an old windows xp machine in my loft via remote desktop for many years but it finally died and was replaced a more efficient NAS box

Im currently running your wine wrapper version on my MBP, but had the warning about compatibility with future versions of Mac OS.

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I would be super interested also - especially as iTunes is being broken up.

I have installed the MacOS Catalina beta and unfortunately Wine doesn't work (well maybe 64bit but not 32bit) and especially Audiobooks are now abandoned by usual tag editing capabilities of iTunes. The Books app has very little metadata and no ability to handle files 'output' of its locked down sandbox.

Gotta say, I would be super excited to see a native macOS program. Tried the wine version and had to many bugs for me to continue using it. Use the windows version on my server which works awesome, but would prefer to not have to remote in if I can help it.

Kept trying other programs for the Mac support, but this is the only one I keep coming back to and would prefer this without the native Mac app than any of the ones I have used that do have the support.

I'm really hoping the native app is done in time for Catalina or you come up with a 64-bit wine fix! That would be really cool. Mp3tag is essential to my music needs.

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@johnjohn unless @Florian compiles it as 32-bit application, it would not work.

macOS Catalina is scheduled to be released sometime in October and I won’t make it to release a beta version of Mp3tag for macOS until then (even not an alpha version). I was working on the scripting engine and now implemented all of Mp3tag’s scripting functions. You see, it’s still internals — the next step is to get the converters running.

Please note, that macOS Catalina won’t support Wine-based apps. So if you rely on Mp3tag on your macOS machine, I suggest to not update to Catalina immediately.


I hope to see the native macOS app. Thank you!

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With Catalina released I would love to know if/when we might get support for mp3tag? The 'new iTunes' Music App is useless so there is a giant gap in the market for a fast Tag editing / Music organising tool for the Mac.


Hi Florian,

I am a Mac user so am adding my voice of support for you developing a native app - mp3tag is a favourite piece of software and I wish you very best of luck! A native app would be fantastic :grinning:



Hi Florian,
I am really interested in having a Mp3Tag version that is running on the Mac again.

Alternatively, instead of writing a complete new version, and maintaining the code for multiple platforms,
have you looked into the WebAssembly that would allow to run Mp3Tag in the web browser without an install on all platforms (including Linux and Tablets)?

Hi, I'd like to chime in here. Currently, I'm am avoiding the Catalina update like the devil avoids holy water. To this day, I strongly rely on 2+ wine-based Windows apps, one of which is Total Commander, and the other one is Mp3Tag.
Let me tell you: I'd love to see a native macOS version some day, but wouldn't it be better to first port it to Win64 and make sure that us wine nerds will still have a way to fire it up in a wine64 prefix? Works fine with TCMD, you know. :wink:
… Although, a word to the wise: Even the installer needs to be pure 64-bit, otherwise we'd need to download the portable edition and unpack it manually. :see_no_evil:

Hi all,
good news for guys running Catalina. CrossOver 19 for MacOs allows running 32bit Windows-apps in 64bit environment.
MP3Tag v2.99c is running perfect on Catalina with CrossOver 19.

Have a nice day,


Great news, man! … Could you also try Total Commander? 64-bit is fine, but there's some 32-bit element in it, so I couldn't get it to run in wine64 on Catalina. – Thanks in advance!

Sorry, man! I don't use Total Commander on MacOS.


Hello Catalina users,

While were still waiting for a 64-bit Mp3tag, I found an alternative called Kid3 Tag editor. It is compatible with 64-bit and it supports MP3, Ogg/Vorbis, FLAC, MPC, MP4/AAC, MP2, Speex, TrueAudio, WavPack, WMA, WAV and AIFF files. The tag codes are a little different from Mp3tag but it works seamlessly.

Happy editing!

Download Kid3 Tag Editor

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JFTR, its unified names can be found in the documentation.

well, seems like crossover 19 will support 32 bit windows apps. but did not tested

For the record, a native Mac OS version of Mp3tag would be a game-changer for music library management at our radio station here. We need a bulk-editor/verifier that supports our own custom metadata tags for our library workflow into Zetta, and Mp3tag is the only thing that works the way we need it to. Currently we use it on Windows, but it would be great to not have to do that.

[radio western, london, canada]


Current 3.00 version works fine on Catalina with Crossover.

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Hi, Florian,
How is the native app development going?
I would love to alpha/beta test.