Mac version eventually?

I am sure this has come up in the past, forgive me for reposting if it has. Would a mac version of MP3TAG be possible in the near future? I am a long time user on my PC platform but my laptop is a Macbook Pro which runs my Protools Studio. IMHO, there is no other editor on any platform that compares to MP3TAG and seriously, I am going crazy trying to maintain my mp3 library without it!

I have installed several different tag editors for the Mac and they all suffer multiple fatal flaws. Please consider this! Thank you!

Indeed, it has. Plenty of times.
Ther is a thread in the FAQs, actually with a headline of its own:
Perhaps this answers most of the questions.

check out "puddletag"

its basically a mac "homage" to mp3tag.

actually, this might be more useful:

I found this version online and it works for me on OS X Lion.

Mp3tag v2.54 for OS X

Hope it helps. :slight_smile:

Homage :stuck_out_tongue:

It goes a hell of a a lot further than paying homage :w00t: