MacOS Voice Memo m4a files - Recording Date

Hi MetaHeads,

I'm posting this to general support rather than Mac as a similar issue/solution may apply to Windows and other file types as well.

So I've exported a bunch of Voice Memos from Apple's Voice Memo app but the resulting AAC m4a files contain only the memo's name ported to the Filename and Title meta and the date of recording of the voice memo is only visible in the Recording Date meta, while the Creation Date meta is the date I exported the memo.

Q1: How can I get the Recording Date meta to appear in Mp3Tag - either in the Tag Panel or as a column?

Q2: How would be the most efficient way to batch script the Recording Date meta into the Comments meta or another more readily visible meta field for a whole bunch of audios?

Thank you in advance for any and all advice.


See the extended tags dialogue for fields that can be found in the files and that are not OS properties.

Use the found field variable name to create further columns or tag panel fields.

To copy the contents of one tag field to another, see

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OK thanks ohrenkino!

Unfortunately the Extended Tags window only lists TITLE. So does this mean that mp3tag can not access the Recording Date field (or it's an OS property)?

I know the field exists because I downloaded a demo for another (vastly inferior) tagging app and it showed up as "Recording Date" (distinct from "Creation Date").

Here is the test file incase that helps:

Thank you!

This is the output from exiftool for your file:

You can see many dates, but I don't detect a "Recording Date".

And yes, Mp3tag only shows TITLE in the extended tags window.

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ok wow, thanks LyricsLover.

So the other tagging tool is obviously renaming one of these fields to "Recording Date"

So the field I need to access in mp3tag for action and batch operation would be any of the 3x "Create" fields [Quicktime] / [Track1] or the "Date/Time Original" field [UserData].

Is this possible?

No, I don't think so. The only addressable dates are the OS properties.

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Bummer. Looks like I'll have to buy the other tag editor just for this task:

Thanks for all your help. I have emailed Florian in case he can contribute further.

Have you considered to transform the files to a different format and perhaps that process saves that date in e.g. RELEASETIME?

I've not experimented myself, but throwing this out as an idea: would it be possible to export the recording date to a text file using exiftool and re-import to the comment field?

It is perfectly possible. :wink:

I wrote a little windows batch file that can be called as Tool from Mp3tag.

It exports the QUICKTIME Created Date into a textfile for all *.m4a in the directory of the selected file in Mp3tag. The Divider between filename and the exported data is ++ and has to be used in Mp3tag Convert Textfile -> Tag like this:


The exported date would be imported into a new tag QUICKTIME_CREATEDDATE.
You can name this tag whatever you like.


The content of the exported file looks like this:

The content of the batch cmd file can be adjusted in every text editor, especially the path to your exiftool.exe and - if needed - also the tagname that should be exported and the export file name.

SET MyExifTool="C:\temp\Recording Date Mac\exiftool.exe"
SET MyTagToExport=QUICKTIME:CreateDate
SET MyExportFileName=ExportQTCreateDate.txt

REM Path without quotes
SET MyPath=%~1
REM Path without trailing backslash
IF %MyPath:~-1%==\ SET MyPath=%MyPath:~0,-1%

%MyExifTool% -m -%MyTagToExport% -p "${filepath;s/\//\\/g}++$%MyTagToExport%" -r -if "$%MyTagToExport%" -ext m4a "%MyPath%" >> "%MyPath%\%MyExportFileName%" (428 Bytes)


JFTR and judging from the Exiftool screenshot only, Date/Time Original in UserData is apparently the date metadata box/atom, containing a string. The other dates are stored as numbers in the respective headers.

I’m not sure why Apple isn’t using ©day (“Content Create Date”) here, but it’s not unreasonable to ask for (read-only?) support for date in Mp3tag.

Hi everyone, I ran into the same problem with Apples Voice memos - indeed quite annoying that on export the file creation and modified date is actually the time when the export took place. I tried out above method with the batch script and then creating a custom label in mp3tag, though this still does not show in a standard windows system window. So, after first checking the Tags in exiftool -g -k (g stands for group headings, basically showing the type of tag and -k keeps exiftool command window open after execution) , then following the first example for file renaming on the and checking TAGS naming in the reference pdf , I came up with the following : exiftool "-FILE:FileCreateDate<QUICKTIME:TrackCreateDate" "-FILE:FileModifyDate<QUICKTIME:TrackCreateDate" -d "%Y%m%d_%H%M%S.%%e" C:\Users\You\YourDirectory\ This will modify file creation and modification date to the creation date of the voice memos which are saved in the Quicktime TrackCreateDate. In Mp3tag the date will be visible in the "Modified" column.