Macro Express can't operate on Mp3Tag

"have you succeeded to open a menu as part of a macro in any other program e.g. Editor?"
Macro Express automates features of about a dozen programs for me. Specifically, it will automate the backup of Chrome's bookmarks.
"I think the questions you have to ask the folks over there at the macro program: how do you send shortcut keys as part of a macro?"
I did not approach MP3Tag until I had exhausted the options at Insight Software. They admit that it looks like it does not work with MP3Tag.
"No such software is needed to automate most of the repetitive steps inside Mp3tag."
If MP3Tag has native automation of repetitive steps, I yet have to discover how/where and would appreciate help in that adventure. I will look at the options of Macro Recorder - I did work with recorders early on and abandoned them for lack of success.

Sorry, I think that this does not answer the question whether really YOU succeeded to write a macro that opens a menu in a program apart from MP3tag.
To be honest: so far I always thought that MP3tag uses as many built-in windows functions as possible and esp. the menu management is genuine Windows.
So I have to assume that the probelms do not arise from the target but from the source. And if the folks that develop the macro program also think that all of this is ordinary stuff, it must be something in between.
I do not think that any further help from the distance is possible - at least not from me.
If you get new insights and report them this might be different.

Without obliging YOU to continue on a topic you consider exhausted, I can answer your question that I did succeed in writing a dozen or so macros some of which open a menu in a program e.g. in Chrome.

LyricsLover - to my amazement MacroRecorder achieved all the steps where Macro Express faltered - so thank you VERY MUCH for that clue !
Macro Express has the ability to END and remove all trace of the process - I have not found that in MacroRecorder. I have probably overlooked something. Can YOU point me to it ?

And if you can - I'd also like a code alternative to clicking on PLAY.

Iā€™m still not quite understanding what is missing.

mp3tag handles automation by design, simplifying the function of correctly tagging media files and the associated fields. Whether updating one or many files, this is pretty straight forward. Plus the use of Filters and Actions can allow you to create ways to repeat your regular processes easily.

What you are asking is to have an external program automate what is already automated within mp3tag. Seems like an exercise in redundancy, and so far frustration, IMO.

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Although my specific problem has been solved, I would be interested in, but have NO clue how, to automate within MP3Tag. By automation, I mean a one click process.

I agree with you that redundancy is undesirable, but until I discover or can be shown how to achieve automation in MP3Tag, a 3rd party program is my only option.

My problem was solved then - worked beautifully - but no longer does. I have no idea what has gone amiss. So I am back to square one. ONLY NOW have I seen that Mp3Tag has actions and
batch functions - so the penny has finally dropped. I think I did mention before that if automation was available I would happily use it, but needed guidance to find it. Anyway, not only have I discovered ACTIONS, but even the precise action needed as shown in the 'upload'. So a solution is tantalisingly close, but I still have no idea how to implement it.

It needs to be applied to

so that the end result looks like Filename, rather than Title. Could you help me with that ?

see here: