Making specific words lowercase?

how do i make certain words like and, to, the, of, for, etc lowercase except for the start/end of the title?

also how do i make things uppercase after punctuation marks such as changing Wu-tang Clan to Wu-Tang Clan or R.e.m. to R.E.M.?

You should have a look here:
Regular Expressions
and maybe here:

what im saying is i want my song titles to follow these rules:

also i am a complete noob to this. those links dont help me. is there a place where i can make a list of words that should start in lowercase?

Try this.
(Works for TAG and FILENAME. Only "as" will not be changed) (1.11 KB)

what exaxtly do i do w/ that file

Copy it to
C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Mp3tag\data\actions\ (Vista)
or to
C:\Documents and Settings<username>\Application Data\Mp3tag\data\actions\ (XP)

Then in mp3tag you can select the action "english_lowercase"

i placed it in the actions folder but it doesnt appear in mp3tag

Flying fish,

The download works here. Did you unpack it?

It's worth noting that the "rules" for song title capitalization are conventions about which there is some disagreement, and that there are errors and omissions on the Midi page that you cited. I don't recommend the rules on that page.

Unfortunately, capitalization scripts that depend on word length or word lists will not give accurate results. The reason is that the way a word is used affects whether or not it should be capitalized. Examples of this can be found here:

Still, many thanks to newser for a very useful download. I plan to use it myself, but will make corrections by eye afterwards. There are some things that only human eyes can recognize.

Doug M. in NJ

yes i did unpack it. is there anything else i need to do after just placing it in the action folder?

of course there were a few omissions on that page. I just wanted to give you guys a better idea of what i was asking.

edit: nvm, i just placed it in the wrong folder. thanks newser