Making tags show up in Windows Explorer (old topic clarification)

I know this is a VERY old topic, answered before, but I recently ran into the problem anyway.

Windows Explorer is not capable of reading ID3v2.4 tags. However it can read v 2.3 tags.

If you update your tags and they don't show up in Windows Explorer columns or details, do this:

  1. Start MP3Tag.
  2. From the menu bar, go into Tools > Options.
  3. Open the "Tags" caret to bring down the tag handling options.
  4. Open the "Mpeg" panel.
  5. Make sure that ID3v2 is selected for "Read" and "Write".
  6. Under "Write", select the radio button for "ID3v2.3 UTF-16" (or "IDv2.3 ISO-8859-1" may also work but I didn't test it.)

[ Redacting previously stated step: 7. UN-check ID3v2 from "Remove". This is UNECCESSARY unless you wish to keep your ID3v2 tags when using the "Remove" function. ]

You can leave other options set if they don't conflict with the above.

Now select your files and rewrite your tags. They should now be visible in Windows Explorer.

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Why do you think step #7 is necessary?

Hello LyricsLover,

Perhaps I am mistaken, but I thought that if "Remove ID3v2" is checked, then this might delete all versions of ID3v2 tags including v2.3. Am I incorrect? I will be glad to revise the steps if you confirm the correct behavior of "Remove". I guess it depends on whether the Remove occurs when reading, or when writing. I assumed writing.


I'm pretty sure you have tested all your steps above? :wink:
What did you find to recommend step #7?

Little hint: "Remove tags" doesn't remove?

Yes it will, but only if you choose to remove you tags (red cross icon in the menue).
This has no influence on just only saving a file again.

Very good to know; thank you.

Thank you for the clarification.

To be 200% sure:

...when using the "Remove tag" function.

There is also a "Remove" function, which only removes the selected tracks from the loaded visible file list. After refreshing this list with F5, such removed tracks becomes visible again.

Remove(d) tags CTRL + R remain removed as soon as all the other tags are saved, for example with File -> Save Tag or CTRL + S or when using arrow keys/single mouse click (<- depends on your Tools -> Options -> Tags settings).

Thanks LyricsLover. Unfortunately I can not modify the original post any more to make it 200% accurate. (Edit pencil no longer available.) TRUE that the "Remove" I mentioned is for tags, because the other "Remove" pertains to items appearing in the list.

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