Manual tagging tracks

Hi Guys,

Can anyone please help, I have a folder with 10 untagged tracks in it, I have inserted the files into mp3tag by file/add directory, i can edit and name and save each file ok, it saves the tag info in mp3 program ok but not in the original folder.

Any help on how do sort it Please .


Please note that the filename is not the metadata tag field TITLE.
The filename stays as it is unless you tell MP3tag to rename the file.
So, is the tag data still visible in MP3tag when you reload the files?

Hello ohrenkino

Yes the tag data is still visible when i reload but i am struggling to find out how to rename them properly

To rename files:
Fill the tag fields with the data you like.
Then use the function Convert>Tag-Filename
Enter as
Format string: %artist% _ %title%
or something like that.
Come back if you know how the filename should look like but you don't know which expressions and variables to use.

Hi ohrenkino

Would like the tagging info to show in my folder as below

Track Number - Song Title - Artist - Album

Thanks not very pc tech minded Here LoL

The following worsk only if you have filled the fields TRACK, TITLE, ARTIST, ALBUM.
Use the function Convert>Tag-Filename
Format string: $num(%track%,2) - %title% - %artist% - %album%

Hi M8

Can i use mp3tag to get information from freedb for individual songs or only full albums, Thankyou

web source searches are mainly album oriented.
See if the discogs scripts can do something for you.