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Is there a way to toggle the theme from white to dark or on and off? I have dark theme on Windows 11 but would like Mp3Tag to be white. I can't find a setting for this in Mp3Tag or in Windows Settings.

I myself do not intent to use light theme ever again - but an ability to switch between them is something that I would definitely support

Good idea. Also, the Tag window (Alt-T) highlighted entry is almost black on black. Not a good color choice LOL. Can you change it so something that shows up on without the brightness/contrast being set to 11? Thanks

The next time I started MP3Tag. the highlight was fine (Blue). I'll let you know if it happens again.

+1 to this, namely because it doesn't even work for me despite my windows already being on dark. Looking forward to an update that hopefully adds a toggle!

I've added an option to choose color mode between dark, light, and default with Mp3tag v3.09a. Please test thoroughly, I plan to release an official version soon.


Crazy high fashion is a dark theme everywhere in the last years. However, it is good to know that, with a few exceptions, it is HARMFUL TO VISION. See google.

I use always light themes.

I think it's personal preference and with the latest version all possible permutations of color modes should be possible.

As a side note: "see google" is not a particularly helpful statement when it comes to medical claims. If you know a scientific study that backs up your statement, please add it to your post.

Of course, i agree. My post is not a critique of your excellent work, but a medical advice to the users. And anyone can find and download books about ophthalmology and physiology.

From a health point of view, it would be best, if the background could be set. For example, i use a dirty pale yellowish sand color for reading (Calibre e-book reader). A darker text on a lighter background is the best, just not as contrasting, as black and white.

Yay! Thank you so much for giving us the option to choose between light and dark!

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Professional text editors used in newspaper rooms have black backgrounds. There are also used by some book writers

You really think that people making their living with writing and staring at a text displayed on a screen would risk their health by it?

Yes, i really think.

Personal opinions no longer matter. @Florian has addressed the request to add a dark mode, and even included now a switch to choose and override OS settings. Case closed.


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