Many error messages editing IDE tag information since several updates ago

About 5 updates ago, I started to get many error messages editing IDE tag information in many of the individual fields- e.g. Artist, Composer, Title, Filename. Previous to this, I never got an error message editing an IDE tag.

After the error message, I can sometimes correct the error and prevent the error message coming again by one of the following:

  1. Pasting the same text a second time in the individual tag field e.g. Composer field.
  2. Pasting a portion of the same text a second time, then typing the rest in the individual tag field e.g. Composer field.
  3. Typing or pasting the text into the Extended tag field instead of the individual tag field.

Under Tools/Options/Tags/mpeg, I have the default 'ID3v1' and 'ID3v2.3 UTF-16' selected.

Why is this and how do I prevent these errors?

You have to be far more specific as to what "the error messages" describe.
Also, you should check if your files aren't corrupted.
Also, check if the advice in this thread helps you:

The specific error messages have been:

  1. The file: ("filename.mp3") cannot be opened for writing.

As previously mentioned, repeated tries at editing the mp3 files can be successful, but I keep getting this error message spasmodically. It is quite a nuisance.

The mp3 files are not corrupted.
The advice is the thread you mentioned is of no assistance.

So far all complaints about intermittendly inaccessible files had to do with one or more local reasons:

  • File is stored on a NAS -> slow access and simultaneous access from other users/programs -> create a local copy
  • Win7 is the OS -> very picky in respect to access rights and ownership -> make sure MP3tag user is the same as file owner
  • File gets opened via the context menu of Windows Explorer -> open with the functions of the MP3tag File menu
  • WMP is open at the same time and tries to gather information about the currently processed file -> close WMP

It is now up to you to investigate your workflow if any of these possible interferences apply

This, by the way, would have been mentioned in the subsequent thread
mp3tag hangs in Windows 7 64bit
Only that the first mentioned thread would have added more context.

What would also interest me: how did you check that your files are not corrupted.

I think that I may have found the answer to 'File cannot be opened for writing' error message. The answer came from one of the previous forums replies, which said 'use LockHunter'.
LockHunter is a file unlocker program, but it can also show other programs that are blocking files without a reason.
LockHunter showed that Windows Explorer had locked my music files for editing, so that Mp3tag could not edit the tag.
As soon as I ended Windows Explorer in the Task Manager, LockHunter showed no files were being locked.
Obviously, I will have to try this approach now when I wish to use Mp3tag to edit my music file tags, but it certainly appears promising- simply exit Windows Explorer before you want to use Mp3tag.
I will report back after I have tried to edit some music file tags with Mp3tag.

I do not think that killing the Windows Explorer with the Task Manager is a good idea.

Instead of using the WE context menu or Drag & Drop from the WE window, either copy&paste the folder address from WE to MP3tag or use the folder selection from within MP3tag.


Thanks for your reply. I notice that you are a regular replier to Mp3tag problems, and I thank you for taking interest in this forum.

I may have misled you about the Task Manager- that was just the first time, when I was investigating the problem (and when WE hangs). Is is very easy to exit Windows Explorer by clicking on the 'X' in the top RHS corner. Then, I do select the required folder selection from within MP3tag.

I was wondering what WE does to lock up the files? Does it just prevent write access? If so, could I change the attributes to allow write access? I notice in Windows 8, this is more difficult because all the ability to edit has been removed compared to Vista which I had before. Your comments would be useful.

I think there are two processes that may come in the way: the indexer and the generation of thumbnails (this, alas, can be switched off). But as the bottom of an explorer window has this extra status bar where it shows the icon (or the cover), WE apparently tries to access all the files and reads them at the same as MP3tag tries to write them.
My guess.