Merging Action groups

in the beginning i hardly understood the actions in MP3Tag but now I do.....

But I've manages to create 3 different action groups
But I'd like to merge one of my action groups..

if I recall well when i exported my actions when I reinstalled my computer. I can edit them manually?

Perhaps i can copy and paste them into the other action group?

Only way I know is to:

  1. Navigate to ... Mp3tag\data\actions folder
  2. Copy one of the existing files and name it e.g. 'Merged actions.mta'
  3. Open the 3 existing .mta files and copy the relevant actions into the newly created 'Merged actions.mta
  4. Renumber them in order where necessary (you will see [#0], [#1] etc.)
  5. Done.
OR another option is to click :mt_act: (ALT + 6) and tick the boxes you use all the time like so >>>

then hit return on your keyboard.

This worked! and this is what I was talking about :slight_smile: Thank you very much!.. I had fun renumbering all the fields :slight_smile: But it was worth it.

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