Meta tag for URL removal

What is Meta tag from URL removal?

Where do you find that? (Check title of thread and question: "for" or "from"?)

Never mind. I have found the answer here /t/965/1

Where do you find these urls?
In a separate field? like www?
Then select all the files you want to treat, press Alt-T to open the extended tags dialogue, there select the field www and press the red-x-button to delete it.

If the url is part of the title or the album then you have to give an accurate example.

Yea i wanted to remove www fields.

Here is what i did.

Select all files you want edited and set the input fields you want stripped to < blank >. All other fields should read < keep > so that they remain unchanged.

If you now select File > mt_save.png Save tag, all fields with the property < blank > will be stripped from the tag.