Metadata only in Groove Music, not in MP3 or Win Explorer

Hi, I've ripped several CDs onto my Windows 10 laptop. No problems playing the files; however, the metadata does not show up in Windows File Explorer or MP3Tag v3.19. The metadata does appear in Groove Music. Screen Shots:
Groove Music



All the MP3Tag settings are the default from installation. The laptop has internet access, and I allowed MP3Tag to access music databases on the Internet.

How do I get the metadata that appears in Groove Music to show up in MP3Tag?
Thank you in advance,
John B.

Check to see what tag formats you have allowed in the settings using Ctrl+O under the mpeg type. There could be APE, id3v1, or ideally id3v2.3. If you use Alt+T after selecting one of those files, you can also see what tag types may exist.

Perhaps it is also worth checking in your Groove settings to see what has been set as the format for ripping.

Hi MotleyG,
Thank you for replying! I checked the tag formats. In the Read section, selected all three of APE, id3v1, id3v2.3, then tried them individually. None caused the metadata to appear in MP3Tag.

I ripped the MP3 files from CD with Windows Media Player, 128 kbs (and 256 kbs for one of the CDs). Can't find any info on the tag formats Media Player used.

Well I can see that mp3tag can find id3v1 and id3v2.3 in all of those files. But it appears that all of them are showing tags that show “unknown” as the actual tags. Have you tried to test one of these files by writing the info into these tags using mp3tag, then checking to see if those details are updated back in Groove, and the other areas that you currently can’t see?

I would like to clearify that you have to trigger the internet access. On its own MP3tag does not look up information in web sources.

To clearify:
Your screenshot is showing metadata in MP3Tag but not the metadata you see in Groove.

As TITLE it shows "Track 1, Track 2 ...", as ARTIST it shows "Unnown artist", as GENRE it shows "Unknown genre" and as ALBUM "Unknown album ...".
That means that these tagfields are actually filled with these "unknown"-informations. If these tagfields would not exist MP3Tag would not show anything.

So your problem is not that Mp3Tag or the file-explorer do not show metadata. Your problem is that they show other metadata than Groove.

Thank you for the help! Responses:

That's a great idea! Here's how it works...

  1. Opening the Edit dialog in Groove Music, making a single letter change, and saving updates the Metatdata for Groove, Windows Explorer, and also MP3Tag.
  2. Editing the tag properties in MP3Tag and saving updates the metadata for Groove, Win Explorer, and MP3Tag.

This suggests that Groove is preferentially displaying tag information from some database instead of what's actually in the metadata, as poster noted in the next response.

Another great observation, and supports my guess above. So saving the displayed metadata in Groove updates the tags with the correct information.

*** How does one "trigger" internet access? ***

It would be great to have MP3Tag find the correct metadata, and then use that to update the actual tags in a batch. Otherwise I'll have to open each file in Groove and save to get the correct metadata.

Thank you very much!
John B.

You select a web source script from the menu "Web sources".
MP3tag does not scan through the files and then assigns metadata of what it "thinks" may be correct
But as the source search is best when ARTIST and ALBUM have been filled, I doubt that you will find the result satisfactory if these two items are filled with "unknown".
Usually, the ripping program inserts the correct data as it can use the disc-id to determine the matches.
You can use the web sources to tag a whole album at a time.

A quick search of Google would suggest to me that many others have similar issues using Groove and trying to manage the metadata in that application. You may want to check a few of those ideas for handling these shortcomings. I would suggest using mp3tag moving forward for taking care of all of your library metadata management, and using the player as just that.

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