milka's exports

Simple Smart Dynamic List Export (Last Update: 06.12.2006)
List of folders and files with simple info (length, size, genre, track), smart counters and excellent dynamic preview. Export file that recognize when there are no albums or mixes (folders or files) and by that creates html file.

Simple Smart Dynamic List Exports: (404 Bytes) (4.05 KB) (445 Bytes)

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Preview: (41 KB)

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Music Playground Export (Last Update: 28.01.2007)
I can call it "html music player". Tracklist, Mix List, Album Panel, Cover Panel & Cover List are parts of page with amazing dynamic preview.

Music Playground Exports: (400 Bytes) (7.08 KB)

Music Playground Files (images): (460 Bytes) (42 KB)

Help File:(Highly Recomanded) (45.9 KB)

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Artist-Album Tracking Exports (Last Update: 06.12.2006)
A list of artists with their albums (in full version tracks to) which expands by clicking on them. Tracking your artist-album collection is much easier with this export inspired by Dano, JKeats and HankD. This export have dynamic preview, smart counters and find on page search.

Artist-Album Tracking Exports: (3.99 KB) (6.3 KB) (404 Bytes)

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Previews: (4.48 KB) (124 KB)

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Mp3tag Export (Last Update: 06.12.2006)
Redesigned Mp3tag in html with some improvements. This export have amazing advanced list of files. Inspired by Florian's greatest tagging program. You can see tags in tag panel by single click on file name in file list and open file by double click.

Mp3tag Exports: (5.36 KB) (392 Bytes)

Help File:(Highly Recomanded) (69.4 KB)

Preview: (46.8 KB)

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Cd Covers Export (Last Update: 28.08.2006)
I made a export-file that will create a cd back cover with tracklist and front cover with included image that resizes it size if size is bigger then defined keeping the aspect ratio. You can switch between covers, images & text which you wont to print. Inspired by Osmo & Vitamin.

Cd Covers Export: (3.42 KB)

Help File:(Highly Recomanded) (47.5 KB)

Preview: (37.1 KB)

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Download everything in just 3 clicks (right click "Save Target As", Last Update: 28.01.2007):
milkas exports
milkas previews
milkas overviews
or download directly from my homepage.

Thanks to everyone who helped with ideas and testing of my export configurations.
If you have an idea of a new export or if you find a bug please write in this topic.

Please keep in mind that all exports are made and tested for exporting informaitions stored in MP3 files (ID3Tag) to html pages that are placed on DVDs (size about 4.4 GB). To help easie navigate your music collection stored on DVDs.
This exports are not made for exporting huge music lists ("music data bases") because javascript and html languages are very slow when they need to work with a lot of data.

Some adjustments, edits or requests that I make for users:

Export for printing covers, For HankD
Export lyrics, For molnart
Export for listing directories, For Ashok
Export for listing artists, For HankD | How Hank use it: page1, page2 and page3
Export to text (generate album list in simple text file), For teedoff087
Export with embeded media player, For asokaa2006
Export to html from dano, For MonsterMan
Export to excel, For Henk87

Exports from SquallLeonhart38 inspired and based on my exports.

Little trick

Open mp3 file in default player via internet browser (without popup window):

  1. In Control Panel click on Folder Options.
  2. In File Types tab, browse to MP3 select it and click Advanced.
  3. Uncheck "Confirm open after download", press ok, close Folder Options and thats it.

I have change names and code of all exports and help files, it's strongly recomanded to read help files (steps in example) before exporting ! ! !
You must have latest version of Mp3tag. Download latest version: Mp3tag 2.35b

is there a demo?

Demo, I don't understand?
It's not finished (beta).
I must fix some errors, and upgrate some things.

~ milka

Fixed search table in album list !
Check updates in complete export !

Fixed Artist-Album Tracking!
Added new Artist-Album Tracking Full export.

hey milka! thanks for the heads up. sorry it took so long for me to test out.

your preview works just fine... however, the export itself does not. the rows are still jacked up for me. :frowning:

i've uploaded my file to my server if you wanna look. shoot me a pm and i'll send you the link.

thanks for your work on this!

:huh: Impossible, maybe you placed new .mte in wrong directory.
Please downlaod again, check in settings your "Directory of export configurations" (default is Mp3tag/Export folder) and place new .mte in that folder.

~ milka

if it's imposible then i can do the impossible. i'm working with fresh and accurate copies of your export (and of the program itself). i sent you a pm with the link.

well this is very interesting.

i'm on my work computer now... and the copy i was able to upload is working fine (though the time of each album is on two lines... but it might supposed to be that way - with the time one one line and "hrs" on the second).

both of the resolutions are the same on my home and work computers. both are using the latest build of firefox.

any thoughts on what might be causings the mucked-up display on my home computer?

Again updates :sunglasses: .

looks great! whatever you did did the trick.

i made just a couple minor tweaks to the

width percentages.

attached is my slightly edited version.

thanks again!

JKeats, if that is all of your comments, than this is last Artist-Album Tracking release.

Please post again if you have some new idea for export.
Thanks for your ideas and testing help.

All regards,
~ milka

@ milka:
You do some really good export files. They are a great inspiration for the one I'm working on. :wink:

Finally fixed very big bug with expanding albums in Artist-Album Tracking Full.
You must download new updates.