milka's exports


@ milka:
You do some really good export files. They are a great inspiration for the one I'm working on. :wink:


Finally fixed very big bug with expanding albums in Artist-Album Tracking Full.
You must download new updates.


I have the probelm that when the symbol "#" is in the folder path that I can't see the album cover. This is a problem I have with all of your export files. I use the "#" symbol for artists, of which the first character is a digit (e.g. 36 Crazyfists or The 69 Eyes)


:huh: Thats not my fault. I test it, tag in html doesnt support # as first char (I dont know why).


Yeah, you can't use "#". But you can use "%23" in place of it in the HTML.


Two symbols are forbiden in src="folderpath/cover.jpg":

  1. at the begining of folder or cover name (you can use %)

  2. ' anywhere in folder or cover name (you can use ยด)


OK. I didn't know that. Thanks milka and Psiphon for the informations. :slight_smile:


Updates again in Artist-Album Tracking Exports.


Updates again! :sunglasses:
Removed blank lines, what reduce size of created html file. :slight_smile:
Check out on first page of this topic.


New export.
Beta version.


Finished new Mp3tag Export!
Renamed Artist-Album02_m3u (check updates).


Great script.
But a little slow. The thing with the lyrics is a great idea. And also the script that only shows one data-set is great. But I know it from somewhere. :smiley:
I'm glad that I was able to inspire you on this.


Thanks very much, what is slow?


I updated Mp3tag export. You must download this update!

I am working very hard on all exports, soon they will all be fixed from bugs and improved.

~ milka


I just improved the script. I found two unneeded array fields.


Thanks, for your help with code. :slight_smile:
Something is wrong while you renamed arrays (popup win is not working).

I fix it and updated Mp3tag export.


I have change names of all exports and help files, it's strongly recomanded to read help files (steps in example) before exporting ! ! !

Many bug fixes and more. Check out updates on first page of this topic.

Added new export.


I removed new export conf. (PDF covers) becase I hate complicated converting latex to pdf. I will make covers for printing in html.


Finished new export for printing covers in html. :slight_smile:
Check out.


With updates to perfection. :slight_smile: