Mixed case for French language?

I tried searching, to no avail. Also, please excuse my scripting ignorance, haven't used the program's advanced features in a while.

Didn't someone make an action that corrected (for the most) French spelling in mixed case? For example, ignoring pronouns such as "des, du, mes, etc." between the first letter and the last? Basically, instead of "Les Anges Et Les Démons," I'd like to see "Les Anges et les Démons."

Would it be easy for me to write my own script? I wanted to download Doug Mackie's action for English, and use it as a tutorial, but the website it is hosted on is dead, and I am not allowed to use the private messages function. Could someone direct me towards the right path? It would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Aplly the case conversion as usual but then start another action
(see /t/967/1 on how to create one)
Use a simple "Replace" action and enter the words as search criteria and the corrected case as replace string.
You would have to do that for every pair.

Take note that you probably have to insert a blank in front of every word as otherwise also the start of field would get converted. Even your example features two versions of "les".

Just noticed that the Natural Case* action is compatible with French, and works as expected. Thanks for the help anyway. :slight_smile: