Mixed Case - special cases

First, I really love mp3tag - it's the best tool out there.

I used mixed case for tagging and naming my files. Overall it works very well I only struggle to get some special cases in place.

Currently I have these actions in place
(1) Case Conversion
Field: ALL, Case convertion: Mixed Case, Words begin: ()-.[]
Field: _ALL, Case convertion: Mixed Case, Words begin: 'Mc'

For the "Mc" case I would like names like Frank McComb or Malcom McLaren to be like I typed.
Above works but I get undesired result with words that contain "c" like "WelcOme" or "RocK" - here I would prefer "Welcome" and "Rock".

Any advice on how I should tackle Scottish McSomething will be greatly appreciated

  • Chr

Thing is that "Mc" is not seen as the string "Mc", but as characters "M" and "c". I don't think you can do what you want with a normal replace action. Have a look at the FAQs for an example with "O'" like "O'Hugo".

ok thanks for the suggestion. It's anyway a very rare case I just wanted to implement all the various kinds of exceptions to my list of Actions ones and for all .-)