More options in the Tag Source dialog

Me and many more users love the fact that mp3tag is so powerful when it comes to scripting, and the fantastic way users have written custom script to import data (tags) into the mp3-files from various web sites (sources). Long gone is the time where Gracenote CDDB was the only source. Lately some users (especially Dano and Pufas and earlier Ydope) have created and improved Tag Source import scripts to a new level of detail never seen before. This has led me, and I'm sure many with me, to wish that the Tag Source Import dialog was a little more user friendly. Honestly, not much more has happened in this dialog since the link to the source original and the ability to re-size the dialog window... :rolleyes:

Here are some suggestions (and 2 dreams) from my pov.

  • The ability to make the upper Release/Additional Info part bigger by click-and-drag
  • The ability to drag the divider between Tracks and Length/Filename
  • Check-boxes next to all tags in Release/Additional Info/Tracks to import, or not
  • The ability to customize the Release part much like the Tag Panel
  • A check box in that shows if you are importing the cover or not
  • A check box that shows if you are saving the cover to disc or not
  • A field for the cover description
  • A check box that shows if you are correcting aspect of the cover or not
  • A drop-down to choose what Cover Type is your default
  • The ability to select and move several marked files up/down the lists
  • The ability to Rename the Tag, not only the Value
  • The ability to add Tag columns in the Length/Filename part, like Track number
  • Move to Bottom/Top buttons
  • Drag-and-drop ordering of the file lists

Dream 1 - A system where you could run several Tag Source scripts and then choose which Tags to save to the file, with all of the functions above.
Dream 2 - A system where you could drag-and-drop tags into each other and so create new tags based on several others or combine several tags to one, renaming them at the same time if you want to.

Florian, thank you for an absolutely fantastic program, there is nothing better for file tagging.



I agree & it's not because there is anything wrong with the way the dialog was coded, but mp3tag has been around long enough that script writers are really getting to know the intricate and esoteric parts of the scripting language. As a result, we're getting search results that are much, much more elaborate & full-featured than ever before.

Unfortunately, when presented with such a wealth of information, the dialog box seems a little claustrophobic when presented with such information & information overload may result from so much presented in a way that really wasn't designed with presenting so much at once.

I hope you seriously consider Windjammer's request. You've given us such a great program that all we users can do is suggest ways to make it even greater.