Move "Featuring" from Artist to Title

You have mixed something into the $regexp() function, which might be not allowed ... or does not work per se, ... which is here ... the function $caps2().

You may do what you want in a following second step ...

Action "Format value"
Tag-Field : ARTIST
Formatstring: $regexp(%ARTIST%,'^(.+\sfeat.\s)(.*)$','$1')$regexp($regexp(%ARTIST%,'^(.+\sfeat.\s)(.*)$','$2'),'\b\w*\b','\u$0')
... or ...
Formatstring: $regexp(%ARTIST%,'^(.+\sfeat.\s)(.*)$','$1')$caps2($regexp(%ARTIST%,'^(.+\sfeat.\s)(.*)$','$2'))

From: "SIS feat. eduardo castillo"
To : "SIS feat. Eduardo Castillo"


I've filled the source field with $regexp(%ARTIST%,'^(.+\sfeat.\s)(.*)$','$1')$caps2($regexp(%ARTIST%,'^(.+\sfeat.\s)(.*)$','$2')) and %artist% +++ %title% as the guessing pattern but the engine didn't output the desired result. Should it be done in two separate actions? Or there's something wrong in the guessing pattern perhaps?

As I said, my proposal works as the second step in your workflow.

  1. Guess the values from ARTIST and TITLE.
  2. Then additional formatting on the tagfield ARTIST.


Much appreciated for the clarification! :slight_smile:

I hope it is okay that I post on such an old thread, as I feel this is related, and it is the first thing to come up in a google search.

I was wondering how I would move the ENTIRE artist field to the title.

I have:
Arist: Benny Dayal, Anushka Manchanda, Shefali Alvaris
Title: Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu

I want:
Arist: %albumartist% (Or leave it blank.)
Title: Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu (Feat. Benny Dayal, Anushka Manchanda, Shefali Alvaris)

Thank you!!

I was over thinking things. I got it. For anyone as dumb as me:

Regex is making my head hurt. I've just wasted two hours trying to figure it out, but failed. :frowning:

What I'm trying to do is create a couple of Actions to populate Multiple Artists from Title and vice versa.

Title: SongTitle (ft ArtistOne & ArtistTwo)
Artist: AlbumArtist

Desired Result
Title: SongTitle (feat. ArtistOne & ArtistTwo)
Artist: AlbumArtist;ArtistOne;ArtistTwo

  1. I want to standardize all the different capitalizations/versions of Ft., Featuring, FT, feat, etc. and standardize it to "feat." in the title.

  2. I want to copy the featured artists from the Title and add it to the Artist field separated by ";" but make sure the primary/album artist is listed first.

Can someone please help?

There are so many suggestions in this thread - which one did you try, what was the outcome, where are you stuck?

  1. Action "Format value"
    Field: TITLE
    Formatstring: $replace(%TITLE%,'(ft ','(feat. ','(featuring ','(feat. ','(FT ','(feat. ')

  2. Action "Format value"
    Field: ARTIST
    Formatstring: %ARTIST%[';'$replace($regexp(%TITLE%,'^.+?\(feat\.\s(.+?)\)$','$1'),' & ',';')]


I kept using the "GUESS VALUE" function, which I think was the problem since I wanted to copy values rather than move them.

I solved it using your examples.

I use this to first standardize to "(feat. Artist1, Artist2 & Artist3)" in the Title:
Action: Format Value
Field: TITLE
Format string: $regexp(%TITLE%,'^(.+?)\s+[[({<]?\s*(?:featuring|feat\.?|ft\.?|with\.?)\s*([^])}>]+)[])}>]?(.*)$','$1 (feat. $2$3)',1)

Then transfer from all artists in the title to the Artist field:
Action: Format Value
Format string: %ALBUMARTIST%[';'$replace($regexp(%TITLE%,'^.+?\(feat\.\s(.+?)\)$','$1'),' & ',';')]

Then this last function if there are more than three Artists that is separated by commas:
Action: Replace
Original: ', '
Replace with: ';'

THANK YOU both so much!

Hi, old topic, I know, but I wanted to know how I could use Guess Values to move the features from the title tag to the artist tag.

TITLE: Groovy Tony / Eddie Kane (feat. Jadakiss)
ARTIST: ScHoolboy Q

All titles have the features in parenthesis.

TITLE: Groovy Tony / Eddie Kane
ARTIST: ScHoolboy Q feat. Jadakiss

All tags have the parenthesis around the features removed.

Same question as him, but I can't find a reply to his question either.

To me it looks like the pattern from post #6

I tried that but it results in the ARTIST tag looking "ScHoolboy Q; Jadakiss" when really I'm just looking to move the entire "feat. ..." phrase (minus the parenthesis) from the TITLE to the ARTIST tag. I tried playing around with it but nothing seems to work.

  1. Action of the type "Guess value" for %TITLE%:
    Pattern: %title% (%tmp_feat%)

  2. Action of the type "Format value" for ARTIST
    Format string: %artist% %tmp_feat%

  3. Action of the type "Remove field" for tmp_feat

I have tried the above expression (screenshots attached), but the results were not as intended.


Original Screenshot:!AqhxjsOI4CLtsC3kEplNLKpJlGj9

Result Screenshot:!AqhxjsOI4CLtsCxI0LY4LREfzHX8

I have racked my brain trying to figure out why the title is disappearing altogether, everything else appears to be working properly. Any suggestions?

Please attach your pictures to your post.

I have just tried the given example within ...
Move "Featuring" from Artist to Title
... and it works as designed.


I tried that, but they were too big to upload. I'll try again


Tag Panel (Original)

Tag Panel (Result)