Move "Featuring" from Artist to Title

Hi, old topic, I know, but I wanted to know how I could use Guess Values to move the features from the title tag to the artist tag.

TITLE: Groovy Tony / Eddie Kane (feat. Jadakiss)
ARTIST: ScHoolboy Q

All titles have the features in parenthesis.

TITLE: Groovy Tony / Eddie Kane
ARTIST: ScHoolboy Q feat. Jadakiss

All tags have the parenthesis around the features removed.

Same question as him, but I can't find a reply to his question either.

To me it looks like the pattern from post #6

I tried that but it results in the ARTIST tag looking "ScHoolboy Q; Jadakiss" when really I'm just looking to move the entire "feat. ..." phrase (minus the parenthesis) from the TITLE to the ARTIST tag. I tried playing around with it but nothing seems to work.

  1. Action of the type "Guess value" for %TITLE%:
    Pattern: %title% (%tmp_feat%)

  2. Action of the type "Format value" for ARTIST
    Format string: %artist% %tmp_feat%

  3. Action of the type "Remove field" for tmp_feat

I have tried the above expression (screenshots attached), but the results were not as intended.


Original Screenshot:!AqhxjsOI4CLtsC3kEplNLKpJlGj9

Result Screenshot:!AqhxjsOI4CLtsCxI0LY4LREfzHX8

I have racked my brain trying to figure out why the title is disappearing altogether, everything else appears to be working properly. Any suggestions?

Please attach your pictures to your post.

I have just tried the given example within ...
Move "Featuring" from Artist to Title
... and it works as designed.


I tried that, but they were too big to upload. I'll try again


Tag Panel (Original)

Tag Panel (Result)

I think it goes wrong because the %featartist% is not filled at the time of the value guessing.
I would think that you do not need the %featartist% field as the featuring part is moved to the artist field already with the guess value action.
So it should be %artist% instead of %featartist%

Thank you for uploading the three pictures.
The pictures are missing the involved columns for the tagfields ARTIST and TITLE.

There might be something mysteriously going on.
Check the space characters in the TITLE string:
select each empty character position and replace it with one space character.

There is attached a picture, which demonstrates that the formatstring is working right.


See above post #70 ... there is no tagfield content %FEATARTIST% involved.
Move "Featuring" from Artist to Title
Maybe he runs an actiongroup with different interfering actions.


Hmm, one screenshot from user DJ Dizzle shows a list of actions, having two actions of type "guess values", which are obviously modificated versions of my proposal.

User DJ Dizzle has modified my proposal formatstring in order to use tagfield FEATARTIST resp. ALBUMFEATARTIST instead of the tagfield ARTIST, ...
together with the tagfields TITLE resp. ALBUM.

If the modified formatstring does not give the expected result, then the involved tagfields do not contain the correct values to work with.
Maybe there is a non existing empty tagfield envolved.


anyone got any ideas for a RegEx for:

I wish to have a blanket regex to change

From: Artist (feat. a, b, c, b & f) – Title
To: Artist – Title (feat. a, b, c, b & f)

Also if there is some form of text or information after the title like a remix or something the requirement would be

From: Artist (feat. a, b, c, b & f) – Title (oaonv Remix)
To: Artist – Title (feat. a, b, c, b & f) (oaonv Remix)

Perhaps this post: Move "Featuring" from Artist to Title

yes, this would cover off the first scenario, but maybe not the second

From: Artist (feat. a, b, c, b & f) – Title (oaonv Remix)
To: Artist – Title (feat. a, b, c, b & f) (oaonv Remix)

If you have Title (feat...) (something else)

then let loose an action of the type "Replace with regular expression" for TITLE
Search string: (.) ((feat.)) ((.*))
Replace string: $1 $3 $2

thanks. No joy with this one I am afraid. I don't have (feat. ....) (something else) after the title

I Artist (feat....) - Title (something else) & am looking for Artist - Title (feat....) (something else).

So now it is time that you show us the action and the strings that you use.