Move file name path to comment column

Hi, what are the steps so that I can move the file name path into the comment field or column?

See the FAQs:

But when I put path, it populates the title not the directory file name

this converter option only works for filename not directory path

Then please show me what you used as mask over the string.
I would like to draw your attention especially to
"How to import parts of the folder structure into the tag?

It's also possible to import information from the directory structure of the file path where the backslash character is used to mark the different folders.

For example, the information from the path
Amon Tobin[2000] supermodified\02 - For Ton Mantis.mp3
can be imported using
%artist%\[%year%] %album%\%track% - %title%

Of course, sometimes it's also needed to omit some information that should not imported to the tag. This can be done using the %dummy% placeholder for the unneeded part of the file path."