Move strings between tags

I'm trying to create an action that will allow me to move part of the artist tag to the end of the title tag.


I currently have this:
Artist: Artist Feat Artist 2
Title: Title

But I want it to be like this:
Artist: Artist
Title: Title Feat Artist 2

Is this possible?

I entered your "move strings between tags" in the forum-search and got this:


Could this help?

Begin Actiongroup TEST

Action #1
Actiontype 5: Format tag field
Field: TITLE
Formatstring: %TITLE%$regexp(%ARTIST%,^.+(÷Feat÷.+)$,$1)

Action #2
Actiontype 5: Format tag field
Formatstring: $regexp(%ARTIST%,÷Feat÷.+$,)

Note: Replace one special character ÷ with one space character.
End Actiongroup TEST (2 Actions)


Thank you very much. I didn't do it exactly the way you posted but it was a great help.

I ended up with:

Formatstring1: %TITLE% Feat $regexp(%ARTIST%,.Feat ,)
Formatstring2: $regexp(%ARTIST%, Feat.